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World - International
7/11/2023 11:27:02 AM
Indonesia's top diplomat warned Tuesday of the threat posed by nuclear weapons, saying that Southeast Asia is “one miscalculation away from apocalypse” and pressing for world powers to sign a treaty to keep the region free from such arms.

War in Ukraine - Military
8/1/2022 8:21:19 PM
The United Nations chief warned the world Monday that ``humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation.''

War in Ukraine - Diplomacy
4/6/2022 10:27:56 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine was clearly a miscalculation and will shorten his time in office, a top ally of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said Wednesday.

World - International
2/10/2022 10:06:36 PM
US and Belarusian defense chiefs held rare telephone talks on Thursday to avoid a "miscalculation" during Russia-Belarus joint military drills, the Pentagon said, at a time of heightened tensions over the Kremlin's massing of troops near Ukraine.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
11/9/2021 8:32:24 PM
The attack on Mustafa Al-Kadhimi appears to be a miscalculated attempt to deny him a second term, but his bid to stay in office could fall flat if he fails to tackle pro-Iran militias, writes Salah Nasrawi

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
9/9/2021 9:55:00 AM
From triumphalist militarism to realpolitik and miscalculation on an epic scale­­­ — t­he history of the war on terror

Opinion -
4/15/2021 10:02:00 AM
Considering Ethiopia’s attitude on the Renaissance Dam

Life & Style - Health
7/21/2019 3:48:41 PM
It’s possible that long hours or shift work night negatively impact pregnancy outcomes.

Opinion -
11/1/2018 5:41:31 PM
US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, but he could be making a massive miscalculation

World - International
11/17/2016 9:09:43 PM
The US media has been largely unwilling to admit miscalculating the outcome of the US election

Books - News
3/16/2016 5:13:50 PM
'Ruthless' is expected to be the latest in a wave of unflattering works about the church, including the book and documentary 'Going Clear'

World - International
11/13/2015 3:13:32 PM

World - Region
6/2/2015 10:59:02 AM

World - International
7/7/2014 10:30:36 PM

World - International
4/11/2014 1:00:04 PM

World - International
4/4/2014 11:31:29 AM

World - International
4/3/2014 4:18:44 PM

World - International
3/28/2014 2:24:30 PM

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2/24/2014 1:59:50 PM

World - International
2/2/2014 12:43:10 PM

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