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Elections 2011 - News
1/4/2012 11:38:35 AM
The Revolution Continues vies with the mighty Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party in Mansoura during the third round of the parliamentary ballot

Egypt - Politics
11/20/2011 11:02:02 AM
Protests sweep Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Suez after police attack on demonstrators in Tahrir, reminiscent of Egypt's January 25 Revolution, leaving two dead and hundreds injured Saturday

Egypt -
11/14/2011 4:34:13 PM
Court hears appeal against last week's ban preventing elements of the Mubarak regime from running in upcoming elections

Egypt - Elections 2011
11/11/2011 4:01:16 PM
Members of Mubarak's now dissolved ruling party, the NDP, have been banned from running in upcoming parliamentary elections in a crucial ruling by the Dakahlia governorate's foremost court

Egypt - Politics
11/6/2011 3:00:34 PM
Following Sunday morning's Eid Al-Adha prayer service, Mansoura youth took to the streets, destroying all political banners and campaign signs belonging to former regime figures

Folk - Folk Arts
10/19/2011 6:25:24 PM
The Out of the Picture Festival will host "shaabi" (popular) music tomorrow, Thursday, 20 October

Egypt - Politics
10/19/2011 5:47:37 PM
After yesterday’s attacks on a student protest, angered students of Mansoura University stage a wider protest Wednesday demanding the immediate removal of the university’s former-regime officials

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2011 6:55:47 PM
Mansoura University students, professors call strike to demand resignation of Mubarak-era holdovers

Egypt - Politics
10/15/2011 6:01:18 PM
A government vehicle carrying two deans at Mansoura University penetrates a student protest inside the university's premises, injuring some in its way

Books - Review
10/5/2011 12:29:04 AM
Fouad Hegazy tells the stories of the first 19 days of revolution in Al-Mansoura city

Egypt - Politics
9/15/2011 1:08:33 PM
Gathered in Mansoura, Egyptian leftists warn that the aims of the January revolution have not been achieved, pointing to the reinstating of emergency law and attacks on strikes and protests

Egypt - Politics
9/6/2011 12:49:07 PM
Employees are demanding a pay rise, higher bonus and an improved medical plan

Sports - Egyptian Football
9/5/2011 5:45:18 PM
Tersana, Mansoura and Aswan have a last hope for joining the Egyptian Premier League as the FA decided that a draw would pick one of them for promotion

Sports - Egyptian Football
8/24/2011 5:29:23 PM
The EFA's new method of promotion to the Premier League sparks rage among fans

Sports - Egyptian Football
8/24/2011 6:31:38 AM
The Egyptian League will feature 19 clubs instead of 20 next season after a mini three-team league was canceled

Sports - Egyptian Football
8/17/2011 5:30:50 PM
With the date set for the opening day of next season's league campaign, it's left for the remaining promoted team to the Premier League to be decided, with Ahly's Abou-Trieka supporting former club Tersana's bid

Egypt - Politics
7/29/2011 6:00:04 PM
Islamists are holding onto the upper hand in demonstrations across the nation

Egypt -
7/16/2011 8:18:52 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/16/2011 8:52:45 PM
In response to the attendance of members of the defunct NDP at a party conference in Mansoura, 31 members leave the Free Egyptians Party

Arts & Culture - Music
5/13/2011 12:57:00 PM
A medical doctor, musician, philosopher, writer, poet and painter, Tarek Ali Hassan describes himself simply as 'somebody who loves human beings and believes in them'

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