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World - International
1/13/2012 11:56:11 PM
Two US soldiers seen in online video urinating on dead Afghan fighters have been questioned by military authorities, says US official

World - International
1/13/2012 2:43:55 PM
Former Sgt. Hector Salinas of the US Marine's testifies in one of the biggest criminal cases against US troops in Iraq that he would have gone further to protect his troops

World - Region
1/12/2012 2:22:33 PM
Footage of US Marines urinating on dead bodies of Afghanis not to stop talks, says Taliban while saying video is a small example of US crimes in the occupied country

World - International
1/12/2012 9:58:58 AM
US Marine Corps investigates video showing soldiers urinating on 3 dead bodies, Marines statement says action inconsistent with core Marines values and character

World - International
7/30/2011 11:33:29 AM
The commandant of the US Marines pushed back against criticism of the short-takeoff version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, saying test performance was improving and the aircraft was critical to the Marines' military future

World - Region
3/2/2011 11:40:38 AM
Two US warships carrying marines and equipment entered the Suez Canal on Wednesday en route to Libya, as the United States and Europe piled pressure on Libyan leader Mumer Gaddafi

Egypt -
2/8/2011 8:22:29 AM
Media reports force Pentagon officials to maintain that naval activity is only a precaution

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