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World - Region
11/20/2012 11:19:53 PM
The Friends of Syria group will hold a meeting in the southern Moroccan city of Marrakesh on December 12

Business - Economy
9/19/2012 11:55:05 AM
A year and a half after a bomb attack hit the heart of Marrakesh, tourist numbers continue to fall, further hampered by Europe's financial crisis

Arts & Culture - Film
12/6/2011 1:42:49 PM
Following Islamist landslide in Morocco's parliamentary polls in November, deputy VP of Marrakesh International Film Festival downplays fears of Islamist-led government

Arts & Culture - Film
11/3/2011 5:14:17 PM
Saratan El-Asr El-Gedeed (Cancer of the New Era) by Ibrahim El-Awam tackles sensitive and rarely discussed issue of female homosexuality as though it were a disease

World - Region
10/29/2011 5:46:26 PM
Marrakesh April bombing victims' families say that the the light penalties were a betrayal of justice, as the sentence seven men convicted to less than five years in jail

World - Region
6/30/2011 2:29:22 PM
Moroccan authorities adjourn trial of bomb attack on Marrakesh cafe that killed 17 people in April

World - Region
4/28/2011 3:15:59 PM
Explosion in popular Marrakesh cafe kills 10 says official source, gas canisters catching fire deemed cause

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