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World - Region
7/13/2011 4:01:18 PM
The Quartet envoy's visit is part of his current regional tour

Business - Economy
7/12/2011 12:42:45 PM
British travel group's profits take a harder than expected hit asregional turmoil slashes holiday demand for key destinations like Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco

Business - Economy
7/12/2011 12:38:07 PM
Regrading to an emerging market status could mean a boost of foreign fund inflows for the three Mideast countries currently classified as 'frontier'

World - Region
7/2/2011 1:05:29 PM
The Quartet of Middle East peace negotiators -- the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations -- are scheduled to meet on July 11, a senior U.N. diplomat said on Friday

Business - Economy
6/30/2011 1:14:28 PM
Passenger traffic rises 6.8 per cent year-on-year but Mideast unrest which has already cut Egypt flights by a fifth could bring further turbulence, says air transport body

Business - Economy
6/28/2011 12:15:20 PM
Risk guarantee agency says it will back $1 billion in insurance coverage to spur foreign direct investment

World - Region
6/22/2011 2:28:23 PM
Mideast uprisings prompt government to pour $3.5 million more into Arabic broadcasts, despite broader cuts in the state-mandated broadcaster's budget

Business - Economy
6/16/2011 4:32:03 PM
Foreign oil companies say they are vigilant but not worried as they position themselves for Mideast regime change

Business - Economy
6/9/2011 11:24:55 AM
Biggest oil services firm by fleet size in Mideast reports $14.8 million in gains

Business - Economy
6/6/2011 11:07:34 AM
Mideast turmoil, natural disasters and higher fuel prices are all likely to impact bottom lines, says transport association

Business - Economy
6/4/2011 1:59:01 PM
Weak dollar and Gulf unrest make traders cautious before possible OPEC output hike next week

World - Region
5/25/2011 2:25:46 PM
EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged Israel on Wednesday to sign up to world calls for a quick renewal of Middle East peace talks

Business - Economy
5/23/2011 7:16:50 PM
Bank with 250 branches across region says revenue growth will be constrained by political instability

World - Region
5/23/2011 2:33:30 PM
The European Union, welcoming Obama's Middle East policy shift, Monday called for an "early meeting" of the Quartet group of world powers seeking an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal

World - Region
5/23/2011 11:22:39 AM
After angering Israel by expressing that talks with Palestinians should be based on 1967 borders, Obama speaks to an American-Israeli committee to calm fears

Egypt - Politics
5/21/2011 9:24:38 PM
In an extensive three-part interview with Al-Ahram, Egypt's top political commentator and longtime critic of the Mubarak regime talks about the ousted president, US Mideast policy, the January revolution, and the future of Egypt

Business - Economy
5/21/2011 11:17:19 AM
Lending programmes for reconstruction and development should not 'force the process', Russian finance minister says

World - Region
5/20/2011 12:40:54 PM
The Bahrain government says reports of human rights violations on its part are "false accusations" after US President's Mideast speech

World - Region
5/18/2011 3:22:04 PM
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas meets US mideast envoys James Steinberg and Jeffrey Feltman regarding Palestinian unity

World - Region
5/18/2011 11:10:08 AM
US President Barack Obama will Thursday seek to sketch a plausible policy response to the sudden, complex and often contradictory demands thrown up by an "Arab Spring" of popular revolt

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