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World - Region
6/26/2013 12:58:37 PM
Syrian minister of information accused Saudi Arabia of arming the opposition to bring down Bashar Al-Assad regime

Egypt - Politics
5/19/2013 7:13:14 PM
Editors at state-owned radio station launch strike to demand reinstatement of colleague transferred by Information Minister Salah Abdel-Maqsoud for allegedly insulting to President Morsi

Business - Economy
5/5/2013 6:42:17 PM
Former minister of information Anas El-Feky is facing more than one corruption charges

Multimedia -
4/28/2013 9:46:48 PM
Activists stage Sunday rally outside state TV building in Cairo's Maspero district against alleged 'sexual terrorism' by Egypt's information minister (All photos by Mai Shaheen)

Egypt - Politics
4/27/2013 10:30:34 PM
Head of Egypt's Journalists syndicate demands an apology and resignation of minister of information following 'sexually offensive' comments against women colleagues

Egypt - Politics
4/24/2013 11:06:16 PM
Minister Salah Abdel-Maksoud gives another 'inappropriate' response to female journalist quizzing him on media freedom

Egypt - Politics
4/2/2013 1:41:03 PM
Minister of Information Salah Abdel-Maqsoud dismisses allegations of a government crackdown on media

Egypt - Politics
3/27/2013 5:48:40 PM
Egyptian state television and radio employees at Maspero block Cairo's Nile Corniche to protest unpaid salaries

Books - Review
2/21/2013 7:55:02 PM
In his latest book, Egypt's post-revolution media minister Osama Heikal recounts his days in office and the fateful October 2011 'Maspero Incident'

Egypt - Politics
12/22/2012 6:09:37 PM
Mansour Hassan, 75, came back to limelight after the January 25 Revolution and was regarded as a potential presidential frontrunner

Egypt - Politics
12/17/2012 3:27:26 PM
Former minister of information Anas El-Fiqqi and ex-head of state TV Osama El-Sheikh will be retried after petition filed with Cairo Appeal Court; both accused of squandering public money

Egypt - Politics
8/17/2012 12:40:48 PM
New media guidelines to be imposed on Egyptian state TV network, according to information minister

Egypt - Politics
8/3/2012 12:29:25 PM
More Islamists chosen last minute to cabinet of Prime Minister Hisham Qandil before the swearing-in ceremony Thursday; cabinet short on women and Copts; choice of ministers of information and justice thorny to some

Egypt -
8/2/2012 1:37:36 PM
Egypt's Ministry of Information will be headed by Salah Abdel Maqsood, a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood, journalist and veteran labour unionist, Prime Minister Hisham Qandil announced Thursday

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
3/25/2012 4:29:00 PM
Former minister of information under late president Anwar Al-Sadat, announces withdrawal from upcoming presidential race following internal disputes within the Wafd Party, the political group backing him

World - Region
12/11/2011 4:43:20 PM
Sudan's minister of information says the country's new government needs time to accomplish its goals

Egypt - Politics
9/19/2011 3:15:26 PM
Court plans to announce verdict in trial of Mubarak's former minister of information

Egypt - Politics
9/11/2011 4:41:20 PM
Aljazeera Mubasher Misr offices suddenly stopped broadcasting when they were raided by Egyptian national security police as part of an overall operation against 16 news channels

Egypt - Politics
9/10/2011 5:56:31 PM
Egypt's information minister announced in a harshly worded message that strong action will be taken against "rioters" involved in Friday's clashes around the Israeli Embassy

Egypt - Politics
8/20/2011 11:29:27 AM
Cabinet decision to recall Egypt's ambassador from Israel aired on national TV amidst conflicting reports

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