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Egypt - Politics
10/31/2011 9:57:54 AM
The media spokesperson of Egypt's Ministry of Interior apologised on air during a TV programme with the family and friend of Moataz Anwar Soliman, who was shot dead by two police officers on 28 October
Egypt - Politics
10/30/2011 1:11:19 PM
Fugitive Yasser El-Hamboli and his gang have more firearms and ammunition than the Ministry of Interior, says a security source
Egypt - Politics
10/29/2011 6:13:35 PM
Some claim the autopsy of Essam Atta, Egypt's alleged latest torture victim and hot button for protests, is riddled with faults, despite two doctors who monitored the autopsy
Egypt - Politics
10/29/2011 5:45:31 PM
A security source says non-commissioned police officers ended their sit-in in front of the Ministry of Interior peacefully
Egypt - Politics
10/27/2011 6:16:14 PM
With their demands for the Ministry of Interior to be reformed and purged of convicted former minister Habib El-Adly's appointees, non-commissioned officers refuse to give in to pressure to end their strike
Egypt - Politics
10/27/2011 5:01:00 PM
Calls for radical police reforms are rife amid increasing complaints and accusations against law enforcers
Egypt - Politics
10/25/2011 6:30:00 PM
Thousands of mid-ranking policemen in Cairo, the Delta and Upper Egypt vow to maintain strike action until demands are met, setting a deadline of Wednesday before they leave their posts to the army
Egypt - Politics
10/25/2011 4:27:49 PM
Interior ministry to provide Egyptians in US, Canada, UK and France with national ID cards
Egypt - Politics
10/25/2011 2:50:58 PM
Protesting policemen in Red Sea city of Hurghada storm security headquarters as around 30,000 low-ranking policemen around Egypt hold sit-ins for the second consecutive day
Egypt - Elections 2011
10/24/2011 4:31:32 PM
Lower-ranking policemen took to the streets Monday calling for the removal of the interior minister, a cleansing of remnants of the old regime in the ministry and higher wages
Egypt - Politics
10/23/2011 5:07:04 PM
Police officers cancel planned protests, scheduled for Monday, following a meeting with interior minister
Egypt - Politics
10/13/2011 10:07:00 PM
Colleagues say Dr Ahmed Atef had been receiving threatening phone calls prior to his disappearance, presidential candidate demands Ministry of Interior conduct serious search for fellow physician
World - Region
10/12/2011 6:29:20 PM
Saudi ministry of interior announces that two Saudi women and two Yemeni men were executed by the sword for separate murders
Egypt - Politics
10/5/2011 1:50:33 PM
Ahram Online finds out that despite repeated denials that the interior ministry used snipers against protesters, its website includes information about sniper training programmes for Central Security officers
Egypt - Politics
9/26/2011 6:13:37 PM
Mansour El-Eissawy vows to secure polling stations during parliamentary elections
Egypt - Politics
9/18/2011 5:15:57 PM
A leading insurance group has refused to offer Egyptian officers ‎and the Ministry of Interior’s leading figures life insurance
Egypt - Politics
9/10/2011 1:09:27 PM
Demonstrations resume in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo after a long night of cat-and-mouse battles with Egyptian security forces
Egypt - Politics
9/9/2011 9:27:01 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/7/2011 12:20:14 PM
Victims' lawyers object to Kuwaiti defence lawyers as trial resumes amid heightened security
Egypt - Politics
9/6/2011 5:02:20 PM
Protesters accused of assaulting civil servants and damaging public property to be referred to trial next Thursday
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