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Egypt - Urban & Transport
7/2/2022 1:02:08 PM
Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi stated on Friday that the new road projects spanning across the Greater Cairo Area aim to facilitate traffic for the upcoming 10 years.

Egypt - Urban & Transport
4/23/2022 9:22:11 PM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has directed the construction of the Al-Hadara axis to serve as a new entrance to El-Mokattam hills and to link the suburb with the area of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation (NMEC) in Cairo.

Life & Style - Style
7/19/2019 12:23:13 PM
If you are an adventure addict, Cairo’s Mokattam hills may be the ideal place to try out some physical activities within easy reach of home

Egypt - Politics
1/30/2019 10:23:06 AM

Egypt - Politics
11/28/2018 8:53:08 PM

Egypt - Politics
11/11/2018 4:18:55 PM

Travel - News
10/4/2017 11:39:56 AM

Arts & Culture - Film
5/2/2016 2:41:21 PM
The films will be screened at the Mokattam-based Arab Digital Expression Foundation

Multimedia -
8/25/2015 9:20:41 PM
A view of the Citadel of Salah El-Din and surrounding mosques on Mokattam hill in Cairo, Egypt (Photo: Hannah Porter)

Egypt - Politics
10/8/2014 3:54:18 PM
Roads leading to Moqattam will be closed from Thursday through Saturday to enable maintenance work aimed at preventing rock falls

Egypt - Politics
9/2/2013 2:35:16 PM
State Commissioners Authority, which advises the government, calls for dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood based on law prohibiting formation of paramilitary groups by non-governmental organisations

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2013 5:03:31 PM
A Cairo appeal court sets the date for 6 top Muslim Brotherhood leaders accused of inciting the murder of protesters in front of their headquarters in July

Egypt - Politics
4/10/2013 10:28:59 PM
Female activist slapped across face during last month's clashes outside Muslim Brotherhood HQ claims group leaders ordered 'their men' to physically, sexually assault her

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 5:49:47 PM
Constitution Party hold Muslim Brotherhood responsible for violence in Mokattam

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 11:54:29 AM
Al Wasat Party freezes all their calls for national dialogue and the party leader will petition to strip ElBaradei of Nobel Peace Prize for his party's responsibility in Friday's violence

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 11:02:52 AM
Radical opposition Black Bloc group admits responsibility for storming into a Muslim Brotherhood office during anti-Brotherhood demonstrations

Egypt - Politics
3/23/2013 7:11:09 PM
Muslim Brotherhood deputy supreme Guide Rashad Al-Bayoumi says opposition proved to be incapable at politics by using violence on Friday

Egypt - Politics
3/21/2013 6:57:43 PM
Ahead of Friday anti-Brotherhood protests, interior ministry asserts it will 'stand at the same distance from all political currents and forces'; Brotherhood lawyer files reports against opposition groups and activists

Egypt - Politics
3/17/2013 12:04:03 PM
Journalists plan three protests to condemn Saturday night attacks on their colleagues by Muslim Brotherhood members

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/22/2012 1:35:00 PM
In only three months since opening, Shababeek has become one of Cairo's most recognised culture centres and a pride of its neighbourhood. Ahram Online met with owner Doha Assy

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