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7/14/2012 12:10:30 PM
Five members of Iraqi security forces were killed and two others wounded when gunmen opened fire at a checkpoint in a Turkmen town in the northern region

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5/26/2012 3:39:19 PM
Iraqi soldiers are slain by roadside bomb in Mosul, while at least one worker is shot dead in restive Diyala province

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12/10/2011 4:38:45 PM
Iraqi security officials say that attacks across northern and central the country killed seven people and left four others wounded

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9/1/2011 12:50:27 PM
Fourteen Iraqi prisoners facing terrorism charges remain missing in Mosul after thirty-five of them escaped, forcing the police to impose a curfew on the city

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6/11/2011 3:01:32 PM
Two car bombs exploded in quick succession in a central street of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Saturday, killing six people and injuring 60

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3/28/2011 12:28:44 PM
A roadside bomb kills an army officer and a policeman, while gunmen murder seven, mostly women, in a neighbourhood south of Baghdad

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12/29/2010 11:37:53 AM
An Iraqi police officer was killed in Northern Iraq as a result of an attack by two suicide bombers

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