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Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
10/24/2023 9:41:59 PM
To mark 50 years since the death of Taha Hussein, the acknowledged Dean of Arabic Literature, Sayed Mahmoud spoke with Hussam R. Ahmed, the author of the groundbreaking 2011 book The Last Nahdawi, to be published in Arabic with Abu Dhabi’s Kalima initiative early next year

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
10/24/2023 3:02:55 PM
Abdel-Moneim Said returns to a favourite topic

Heritage - Inspiring Minds
6/16/2023 2:43:48 PM
It was a full house on Saturday evening at the freshly renovated El-Nahda Culture and Scientific Renaissance Association -Jesuit Cairo, as attendees gathered to remember the life of the Jesuit brother who spent his life championing cultural pursuits and freedom of expression.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
7/5/2022 7:19:01 PM
A new biography of Egyptian writer Taha Hussein emphasises his role in building the cultural institutions of modern Egypt, writes David Tresilian

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
11/1/2021 11:03:06 PM
A fire that broke out late on Sunday, and has since been extinguished, has caused damage to the headquarters of the El-Nahda Association for Scientific and Cultural Renaissance, also known as the Jesuit Culture Centre in Cairo.

World - Region
7/26/2021 5:50:00 PM
Saeid invoked an article of Tunisia's constitution allowing him to take 'exceptional measures in the event of imminent danger threatening the institutions of the nation and the independence of the country'

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
7/17/2021 11:10:00 AM
The Muslim Brotherhood was dealt two blows this week, one from the Court of Cassation, the second from parliament

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2021 5:26:15 PM
In 2019, 34 defendants were sentenced for life for targeting transmission towers following the dispersal of the Islamist sits-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2020 10:54:52 PM
The first phase of the new system links the New Cairo Court to a number of prisons including Tora and El-Nahda via an electronic network

Egypt - Politics
7/5/2020 3:25:10 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/11/2019 10:43:32 AM

Egypt - Politics
3/21/2019 2:53:34 PM

Egypt - Politics
11/15/2018 2:06:51 PM

Egypt - Politics
1/9/2018 8:00:00 PM

World - Region
12/24/2017 5:28:56 PM

Arts & Culture - Screens
10/11/2017 9:14:44 PM
The movies are by some of Lebanon’s top filmmakers, while the programme includes a series of workshops

World - Region
2/26/2017 4:26:49 PM

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/29/2017 2:58:53 PM
There will be five performances by local directors who have been inspired by Swiss works

Egypt - Politics
10/29/2016 4:03:13 PM
The court also handed 15-year prison terms to 16 people and acquitted 86 others

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/24/2016 3:43:47 PM
The Nahda Arts School for Social Theatre aims at enhancing local communities through performances on streets and squares across Egypt's villages and towns

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