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Egypt - Politics
1/21/2015 10:46:24 AM
Announcement calls for women interested in ‘preaching, teaching preventive medicine and human development’ to work in women-only sections of mosques, forums, and lectures

Egypt - Politics
7/8/2014 1:16:42 PM
Mahlab says Egypt's government is determined to eradicate violence against women

Egypt - Politics
6/17/2014 7:43:18 PM
Having just four women in the new cabinet goes against President El-Sisi's claims that more women should hold important posts, says National Women's Council (NCW)

Egypt - Politics
6/14/2014 7:36:40 PM
Some voiced their disapproval of the involvement of the National Council for Women in the protest

Egypt - Politics
9/18/2013 8:11:56 PM
Amendments to the 2012 constitution ensure better representation of women in elected bodies and full equality between men and women in all fields, says the semi-governmental rights body

Egypt - Politics
9/16/2013 7:22:32 PM
The National Council for Women wants the constitution to be amended to include a quote for women in parliament

Egypt - Politics
8/2/2013 5:55:44 PM
NCW head Mervat El-Tellawy criticises the 'bias' of the international media, which she said has ignored the issue

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2013 6:04:20 PM
UN organisations, National Council for Women condemn death of 13-year-old Sohair El-Batea who succumbed to injuries Thursday following FGM procedure

Egypt - Politics
5/30/2013 6:36:40 PM
Shura Council MP and head of Egypt's Salafist Asala Party calls for dissolution of National Council for Women

Egypt - Features
4/16/2013 10:06:43 PM
Ahram Online investigates recent reports that thousands of vulnerable Syrian refugee women are being married off to Egyptian men as cheap brides

Egypt - Politics
4/16/2013 7:06:00 PM
The National Council for Women was criticised in a Shura Council session on women's rights

Egypt - Politics
4/5/2013 5:05:04 PM
Proposed law contains broader definition of sexual harassment with stiff sentences for repeat offenders and those convicted of offences in the workplace

Opinion -
1/22/2013 7:07:15 PM
Despite the many setbacks and struggles in the year after the revolution, Egyptian women are mobilising to bring about gender justice

Egypt - Politics
12/20/2012 11:51:57 AM
National Council for Women comes to defence of female high school student subject to questioning for protesting against the constitutional referendum

Egypt - Politics
11/12/2012 9:00:14 PM
Delegation from National Council for Women relays concerns on women's equality in draft constitution to President Morsi on Monday

Egypt - Politics
10/27/2012 2:34:10 PM
Egypt's National Council for Women calls on Interior Ministry and security forces to locate missing 13-year-old who was allegedly married off; denounces child marriages

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2012 9:56:24 PM
Attendees at a conference organised by the state council for women's issues chanted against 'Muslim Brotherhood rule'

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2012 8:37:31 PM
Mervat El-Tellawi voices confidence in President Morsi after meeting about women's issues Saturday

Egypt - Politics
2/13/2012 4:49:33 PM
The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party says it opposes civil disobedience campaigns; rejects SCAF's restructuring of National Council for Women; calls for severing ties with Syria; and blasts Israeli threats against Al-Aqsa

Egypt - Politics
2/11/2012 6:48:16 PM
Egypt's de facto ruler has added 30 new figures in the National Council for Women in an effort to boost the social and political role of women