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Opinion -
9/22/2021 1:24:00 PM
World - International
9/21/2021 9:24:41 PM
Stoltenberg said he was confident that France, the UK and the US "will find a way forward and to not make this disagreement create lasting problems for the alliance"
World - International
9/3/2021 7:43:32 PM
For the US, the zero hour of Sept. 11, 2001, meant a chance to reshape its place in the post-Cold War world from a high perch of influence and goodwill as it entered the new millennium
World - International
8/31/2021 5:03:33 PM
But as the Taliban celebrated their victory, the NATO alliance is left to analyse what went wrong in its most important military mission since the Cold War
Multimedia -
8/31/2021 4:16:11 PM
World - International
8/31/2021 2:14:07 PM
Delawar chastised the enemy meaning U.S. and NATO forces and accused the West of spreading propaganda to undermine the Taliban
Opinion -
8/28/2021 4:45:00 PM
The blame game has already started as to what went wrong in Afghanistan over the past twenty years
World - International
8/27/2021 12:48:42 PM
Despite years of military targeting by the US-led coalition, the group known as Islamic State Khorasan has survived to launch a massive new assault as the US and other NATO partners withdraw from Afghanistan
World - International
8/26/2021 6:25:21 PM
NATO's chief described the attack as a "horrific terrorist" one
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
8/26/2021 10:36:00 AM
No agreement was reached on Western policy on Afghanistan at a G7 meeting on Tuesday, with NATO allies openly expressing their dismay at US policy
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
8/24/2021 9:44:42 PM
Taliban pledges to form an “inclusive” government and their sudden professed moderation will likely vanish as soon as US and NATO troops depart from Afghanistan
World - International
8/20/2021 7:07:29 PM
NATO itself still has 500 civilian staff, including nearly 200 Afghans, working at the airport to keep it open while national military rescue operations continue
World - International
8/18/2021 5:11:17 PM
Stoltenberg admitted the alliance had been caught by surprise by the Taliban's swift takeover of Afghanistan
World - International
8/17/2021 7:58:34 PM
The EU, many of whose members are also NATO allies which fought the group, are concerned about the fate of their citizens in Afghanistan as well as local Afghan employees
World - International
8/17/2021 3:45:50 PM
Echoing the words of US President Biden, NATO secretary general Stoltenberg placed the blame of the collapse of the former Afghan forces on the Afghan government.
World - International
8/16/2021 9:36:12 PM
As President Biden ends the US combat role in Afghanistan this month, Americans and Afghans are questioning whether the war was worth the cost: more than 3,000 American and other NATO lives lost
Opinion -
8/16/2021 12:09:00 PM
The US and NATO are withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan after two decades of war in the country, paving the way for the return of the Taliban to power
World - International
8/15/2021 4:11:35 PM
In a statement it says that it would also maintain its diplomatic presence in Kabul. ``The security of our personnel is paramount, and we continue to adjust as necessary,'' it added
World - International
8/13/2021 7:04:00 PM
NATO Secretary-General said the alliance would keep its civilian diplomatic presence in Afghanistan as it tries to support the Afghan government and security forces in the face of the Taliban's offensive
World - International
8/13/2021 2:35:22 PM
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will lead discussions with envoys from the 30 allies. 'It is about determining who does what, when, and how, and what support is given for this,' the source said
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