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Arts & Culture - Screens
10/8/2020 6:56:12 PM
Misr International Films, New Century Production and Synergy Films release trailer for new thriller 'The Black Box'

Arts & Culture - Screens
7/11/2020 10:25:19 PM
El-Ghassala (The Washing Machine) is produced by Synergy Films, New Century Production and Misr International Films

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
2/4/2015 4:32:29 PM
After being shut down for several years, Karim movie theatre in Cairo's downtown is back in new uniform

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
1/15/2015 1:52:52 PM
Offbeat band Sharmoofers, now a duo, release a song titled Ot w Far, a music video for a New Century Production movie by the same name

World - International
7/13/2013 1:32:53 PM
Mixing work and play, the world's largest standalone structure, 500 metres long by 400 metres wide, opens in China complete with artificial beach, water park and promenade and more