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Egypt - Society
10/3/2021 10:51:00 PM
Egyptian fin-swimmer Sayed Baroky will attempt to cross the New Suez Canal on Tuesday 5 October, aiming to set a Guinness World Record as the first swimmer to swim the 35-kilometre-long waterway with a mono-fin.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
3/31/2021 11:01:00 AM
Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the history and significance of the Suez Canal

Opinion -
9/5/2019 4:25:04 PM
Egypt has faced various challenges since 2013, which the government’s long-term investment strategies are designed to remedy

Egypt - Politics
8/17/2019 3:45:03 PM

Business - Economy
10/7/2018 12:33:06 PM
The head of Egypt’s Engineering Exports Council, Amr Abu Freikha, tells Niveen Wahish that there is more to exporting than the product alone

Egypt - El-Sisi s Balance Sheet
2/16/2018 10:06:06 AM
Economic mega-projects have been a main characteristic of the past four years, with much debate surrounding them

Egypt - El-Sisi s Balance Sheet
2/15/2018 7:37:33 PM
Al-Sisi has introduced many necessary economic reforms at the price of possible unpopularity

Business - Economy
11/6/2016 10:04:00 PM
El-Garhy said that the increase will be for the remaining three years of the five-year certificates, which were sold in September 2014 in EGP only to finance the digging of the new Suez Canal

Egypt - Politics
8/6/2016 10:43:27 AM
El-Sisi drew a distinction between constructive and destructive criticism, saying "doubters" want to drive Egyptians to despair

Egypt - Politics
2/5/2016 7:41:35 PM
Democratic Republic of Congo backs Egypt's position regarding Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam, the prime minister said

Egypt - Politics
12/16/2015 9:16:21 PM
See the events that captured the attention of Egyptians in 2015

Business - Economy
10/1/2015 5:31:32 PM
In August, Egypt inaugurated the expansion of a new lane in the Suez Canal that is in part expected to help revive the country’s economy

Opinion -
8/17/2015 8:09:57 AM
The two-way canal will bring more jobs and opportunities. But how will that be reflected in the community and the quality of life in the region and in Egypt?

Opinion -
8/14/2015 4:04:45 PM
Following the inauguration of the new Suez Canal project, the government should direct its attention to economic policies that will relief Egyptians’ daily living conditions

Egypt - Politics
8/11/2015 8:03:00 PM

Opinion -
8/11/2015 6:39:50 PM
A change in Egypt’s political and economic discourse needs a proactive opposition, not a few late, sarcastic voices on social media

Business - Economy
8/7/2015 5:50:46 PM
New extension to the waterway was opened on Thursday

Multimedia -
8/7/2015 5:25:39 PM
A general view for Egyptians in Tahrir square as they gather to celebrate the opening of the new Suez Canal, Cairo, Egypt, August 7, 2015 (Reuters)

Business - Economy
8/7/2015 4:08:56 PM

Egypt - Politics
8/7/2015 10:53:20 AM
Celebrations were planned around the country to mark the opening of the new waterway

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