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Opinion -
2/17/2013 7:16:56 PM
Egypt's opposition leaders hate the Muslim Brotherhood more than they love Egypt, a situation dangerous for all Egyptians
World - Region
2/15/2013 5:04:49 PM
Saad Al-Hariri, Beirut's opposition leader, blames the Syrian regime for many assassinations of Lebanese politicians, including his father
World - Region
2/13/2013 5:46:08 PM
A week following the assassination of Tunisian opposition leader Chokri Belaid, interior ministry steps up security for politicians and journalists
World - Region
2/11/2013 7:41:38 PM
UN calls Iran to release Mousavi's arrested wife, daughters and fellow opposition leader as the country prepares for June election to elect a successor for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2013 6:51:44 PM
Talaat Abdullah orders authorities to arrest Azhar professor Mahmoud Shaaban who called for the killing of ElBaradei and Sabbahi
World - Region
2/11/2013 2:10:27 PM
Daughters of leading opposition figure Mirhossein Mousavi, who is being held under house arrest, detained by Iranian authorities
World - Region
2/10/2013 1:18:09 PM
Interior ministry releases numbers on deaths, injuries and arrests, omitting stats on civilian injuries and how many Ennahda party offices were attacked in protests after opposition leader was assassinated
World - Region
2/9/2013 3:19:00 PM
An Ennahda Party demonstration is to take place in central Tunis amid a national political crisis following the assassination of opposition leader Chokri Belaid
World - Region
2/8/2013 2:26:59 PM
Witnesses say police uses teargas during clashes with protesters who took the streets to mark the funeral of opposition leader Chokri Belaid
World - Region
2/8/2013 2:21:53 PM
Tens of thousands of mourners draped in red and white Tunisian flag take to the capital's streets at the funeral of recently-assassinated opposition leader Chokri Belaid
World - Region
2/8/2013 12:35:51 PM
Tens of thousands are expected to protest in Tunisia to coincide with the funeral of assassinated opposition leader Chokri Belaid, following a UGTT call for general strike
World - Region
2/7/2013 11:34:28 AM
Tunisian PM Hamadi Jebali says he would form a new 'non-political' cabinet ahead of fresh elections
World - Region
2/6/2013 2:35:22 PM
Ghannouchi, Nahda leader, denounced the murder of a secular opposition leader, saying the killers wanted a "bloodbath" in Tunisia
World - Region
2/6/2013 1:42:21 PM
French President Francoise Hollande condemns killing of Tunisian opposition leader and expresses concern over increase of violence in the Arab Spring country
World - Region
2/6/2013 1:00:01 PM
Offices of the ruling party attacked after opposition leader shot dead
World - Region
2/5/2013 11:53:16 AM
Initiative of Syria"s opposition leader for talks are of significance albeit rather late
World - Region
2/2/2013 1:49:20 PM
Syrian opposition leader holds talks with US vice president and Russian foreign minister to discuss the crisis in Syria
Egypt - Politics
1/29/2013 4:43:57 PM
Prosecutor-general orders immediate arrest of all members of Egypt's newest 'revolutionary' faction; Lawyer charges opposition leader Sabbahi - among others - with involvement in masked group's establishment
World - International
1/27/2013 5:46:59 PM
Myanmar's opposition leader and Nobel laureate San Suu Kyi says she is 'fond' of the army despite being held under military-imposed house arrest during the last two decades
Egypt - Politics
1/20/2013 4:25:05 PM
Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabbahi says longstanding Islamist practice of using places of worship for electioneering should be formally outlawed and subject to prosecution
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