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Egypt - Society
9/19/2023 3:51:41 PM
A renovation project, approved by Egypt’s Supreme Council for Planning and Urban Development (SCPUD), will preserve the historic Giza Zoo’s old trees and increase the number of its animal species from 71 to 186.

Egypt - Society
7/9/2023 11:47:06 PM
Egypt’s Giza Zoo, and Orman botanical garden, are officially closed for renovation starting the 9th of July, according to a statement by the media adviser for the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Ahmed Ibrahim, on Sunday.

Egypt - Society
1/8/2023 9:22:10 PM
The Egyptian Ministry of Agricultural and Land Reclamation says that it will retain ownership of the Giza Zoo under a newly signed deal with a military-owned company, wherein the zoo will be renovated in cooperation with a coalition of international and Egyptian companies in return for usufruct.

Life & Style - Food
11/25/2021 8:26:56 PM
The Egyptian Honey Festival launched its third edition on Thursday at the historical Orman Botanical Gardens in Cairo.