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War on Gaza - War on Gaza
11/2/2023 11:45:02 AM
More than 3,600 Palestinian children were killed in the first 25 days of the Israeli war on Gaza, according to Palestinian Health Ministry. They were hit by airstrikes, smashed by misfired rockets, burned by blasts and crushed by buildings.

Multimedia - In Pictures
10/25/2023 10:31:04 PM

World - Region
8/22/2023 3:36:23 PM
UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lynn Hastings, underscored the dire consequences of conflict and poor infrastructure for the education of Palestinian children, calling for immediate support.

World - Region
6/6/2023 1:32:59 PM
The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday accused Israel of deliberately and systematically targeting Palestinian children and perpetrating heinous crimes against them.

World - Region
8/11/2022 3:40:06 PM
The UN rights chief voiced alarm Thursday at the number of Palestinian children killed and wounded this month and demanded those responsible be brought to account.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Focus
7/1/2021 5:36:00 PM
The real reasons behind the featuring by The New York Times of the pictures and names of 67 Palestinian children killed by Israeli air raids in Gaza last May do not include a sudden attack of conscience, writes Ahmed Mahdi

World - Region
3/28/2019 4:36:02 PM

World - Region
10/14/2018 6:14:01 PM
Israel has long and systematically targeted Palestinian children, killing them with impunity, and even justifying such horrendous acts of inhumanity

World - Region
5/3/2018 2:30:48 PM

World - Region
3/19/2018 10:04:43 PM
About 350 Palestinian children are being held in detention by Israel, according to Amnesty International

Multimedia -
3/12/2018 3:00:54 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
7/21/2016 6:58:13 PM
The song, produced by independent Palestinian producer Samer Jaradat, was released on YouTube on 19 July

World - Region
5/14/2016 3:48:48 PM

World - Region
7/20/2015 2:44:22 PM

Multimedia -
8/1/2014 5:50:35 PM

World - Region
7/28/2014 7:51:47 PM
Israel continuous its relentless three-week assault on Gaza leaving more Palestinians killed from air strikes

World - Region
7/20/2014 9:29:40 PM

World - Region
7/17/2014 6:57:35 PM

Multimedia -
11/20/2012 2:46:32 PM
As Israel's latest war on Gaza enters seventh day, Palestinian death toll rises to 117, including dozens of children

World - Region
8/26/2012 4:36:44 PM
Former Israeli soldiers admit mistreatment of Palestinian children is 'routine'

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