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Egypt - Politics
11/16/2011 8:22:23 PM
Several political parties and groups will approve the supra-constitutional principles document, after the latest amendments

Egypt - Politics
11/16/2011 12:11:57 PM
Hazem Shoman, an Islamic scholar known for his random outbursts, took over the stage at a Hisham Abbas concert preaching against music and wasting time at such parties

Life & Style - Style
11/14/2011 11:14:19 PM
Check out what the stars were wearing this weekend at premieres, parties and awards

Egypt - Politics
11/14/2011 6:31:43 PM
The slogans of the party, which was founded by a leading member of the NDP, 'violated' television standards according to government

Egypt - Politics
11/14/2011 5:48:39 PM
Court delays issuing a final ruling on the political fate of members of former ruling party

World - International
11/14/2011 10:49:42 AM
Monti nomination as a technocrat Prime Minister has already won endorsements from all of Italy's main parties including Berlusconi's People of Freedom

Egypt - Politics
11/13/2011 9:13:18 PM
Muslim Brotherhood's Khairat El-Shater denies supporting fatwa against liberal candidates while Wasat Party dismisses similar charges

Egypt - Politics
11/13/2011 9:11:41 PM
Political parties and movements from across the spectrum warn SCAF of million-man march on Friday if controversial raft of principles isn't scrapped

Business - Economy
11/6/2011 4:15:45 PM
European finance heads are holding back $11 billion in funding until Greek parties agree to debt rescue package

Business - Economy
11/6/2011 2:03:28 PM
Property exchanges between private parties are allowed for first time in 50 years in a move the government says will help ease the island's housing problem

Egypt -
11/5/2011 2:35:32 PM
While the Muslim Brotherhood together with other political parties demand that the military omit several articles of their proposed supra-constitutional principles, they implicitly accept the concept

Egypt - Politics
10/31/2011 7:01:42 PM
Deputy prime minister for political affairs Ali El-Salmi invites all political forces and parties in a dialogue about a new constitution on Tuesday

World - Region
10/26/2011 10:50:33 AM
Tunisian voters have entrusted four main political groupings with the task of plotting the country's democratic future

Egypt - Politics
10/25/2011 2:28:00 AM
More than 6,700 candidates and 47 political parties have officially completed the necessary paperwork to compete in November's historic parliamentary elections which will pit the favoured Islamists against liberals and leftists

Opinion -
10/24/2011 11:18:34 AM
Until Egyptian politics moves beyond ideological sloganeering tyranny will remain a risk

Egypt - Politics
10/23/2011 4:09:25 PM
Egypt's minister of international cooperation says any foreign funding of groups in the country can only be in the field of development, not politics

World - Region
10/22/2011 10:58:49 AM
Tunisians vote on Sunday in their first ever democratic election which could set a template for other Arab countries emerging from the Arab Spring uprisings

Egypt - Politics
10/20/2011 5:33:30 PM
Nasserist party withdraws from influential alliance after Muslim Brotherhood puts its candidates at bottom of list

World - Region
10/20/2011 10:05:58 AM
Even though former ruling party members are banned from contesting post-revolution elections, Tunisians fret influence of new parties created or backed by them

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2011 5:55:50 PM
As Egypt gears up for its first post-January Revolution parliamentary elections, political parties struggle to form and maintain meaningful alliances

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