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World - Region
9/8/2018 9:33:02 AM
Lebanon does not have the luxury to procrastinate over the formation of a new government, writes Hassan Al-Qishawi in Beirut
World - Region
5/27/2018 10:16:36 AM
US and Saudi sanctions against the Iran-backed Hizbullah group and its allies may lead to wider changes on Lebanon’s political map
World - Region
5/3/2018 8:41:52 PM
As Lebanon gears up for its first parliamentary elections in a decade, confusing alliances are being formed
World - Region
2/9/2018 7:41:58 PM
Tensions have flared in Lebanon between the Shia Amal Movement and the Christian Free Patriotic Movement, prompting uncomfortable memories of the country’s Civil War
Egypt - Politics
11/26/2017 1:22:56 PM
The conservative lawyer and TV host said it was a 'patriotic duty' to harass and even rape girls who wear ripped jeans that expose their behinds
Egypt - Politics
9/17/2017 3:27:32 PM
The flag-saluting ceremony is part of an official drive to boost patriotic sentiment in higher education institutions across the nation
World - Region
7/6/2017 5:33:25 PM
Egypt - Politics
2/13/2016 10:34:15 AM
World - Region
8/27/2015 9:34:35 AM
Egypt - Politics
7/9/2015 5:30:21 PM
Ahmed Shafiq has however said he will make 'fundamental changes' to the movement's leadership
Egypt - Politics
6/16/2015 10:44:02 AM
The Egyptian Patriotic Party refused the resignation of its founder and former presidential runner Ahmed Shafiq which he had announced Saturday
Egypt - Politics
6/14/2015 9:33:58 AM
Since losing the presidential election to Mohamed Morsi in 2012, Ahmed Shafiq has been living in the UAE for ‘security reasons’
Egypt - Politics
5/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
Turkish Patriotic Party hopes to 're-start dialogue' after chill in bilateral relations
World - International
1/12/2015 6:20:50 PM
World - International
1/11/2015 3:03:12 PM
World - International
1/10/2015 7:28:22 PM
Egypt - Politics
1/7/2015 2:36:19 PM
On the occasion of New Year, Pope Tawadros II reflects on the personal status of Copts, the construction of churches and the next legislative elections
World - International
11/3/2014 10:42:17 PM
Business - Economy
9/11/2014 8:03:35 PM
Many citizens view purchasing investment certificates as a patriotic duty
Egypt - Politics
8/9/2014 5:22:12 PM
In court Saturday, former interior minister Habib El-Adly blamed the January 2011 on the United States, presenting himself and co-defendants as patriotic and maligned
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