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World - Region
3/23/2012 4:28:24 PM
UN peacekeeping troops charged with patrolling Syria-Israel border encounter safety risks as the year-long Syrian uprising against Al-Assad turns ever more violent

Egypt - Politics
3/15/2012 10:07:56 AM
Armed Bedouins surround international peacekeeping force in Sinai desert to pressure government to release five Egyptian terror suspects

World - Region
1/1/2012 12:59:36 PM
UN peacekeepers remain on high alert in South Sudan's flashpoint town of Pibor where escalating tribal violence has prompted thousands to flee

World - Region
12/31/2011 4:01:12 PM
The United Nations has reinforced its peacekeepers in the flashpoint South Sudan town of Pibor and is airlifting food to the region, where escalating tribal violence has prompted thousands to flee

World - Region
12/12/2011 1:22:21 PM
Syrian foreign ministry statement criticises French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe for unjustifiably pointing a finger at Damascus

World - Region
12/9/2011 1:39:07 PM
Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati denounces the attack on a UNIFIL peacekeeping vehicle in the coastal town of Tyre that injured five French soldiers and a civilian

World - International
9/5/2011 5:07:52 PM
Public outrage in Haiti over video of a sexual assault by U.N peacekeepers prompts condemnation of Haitian President Michel Martelly

World - International
8/31/2011 1:35:41 PM
NATO peacekeepers and EU police launch joint operation in Kosovo's Serb-run north

World - Region
6/20/2011 2:23:26 PM
Darfur rebels raided a village in North Darfur killing seven people at the weekend, the Sudanese army said, as UN peacekeepers confirmed deadly clashes between gunmen and government troops

World - Region
5/28/2011 11:23:37 AM
UNIFIL in Lebanon launched an investigation into a roadside bomb blast that wounded six Italian peacekeepers, two of them seriously, and two civilians

World - Region
5/27/2011 5:43:38 PM
Italian patrol targeted in southern Lebanon

World - International
2/21/2011 6:00:06 AM
Four African presidents headed to the Ivory Coast Monday in a new effort to break a nearly three-month impasse over the leadership of the country after disputed elections, amid mounting tensions.

World - International
12/20/2010 2:58:02 PM
Tension is growing between Laurent Gbagbo's regime and the peacekeepers in Ivory Coast

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