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Egypt - Politics
5/31/2013 4:38:32 PM
Muslim Brotherhood's Helmi El-Gazzar says 'Rebel' petition is destined to fail, stressing that – according to terms of new constitution – President Morsi must finish his term in office

Egypt - Politics
5/29/2013 2:51:56 PM
'Rebel' campaign aims to get the support of 15 million Egyptians by 30 June

Egypt - Politics
5/28/2013 11:20:05 PM
Campaign organisers to reveal number of signatures gathered thus far in support of snap presidential elections

Egypt - Politics
5/27/2013 4:23:13 PM
Tanta prosecutor calls in doctor who reportedly distributed petitions from the 'Rebel' campaign in the hospital where she worked

Egypt - Politics
5/26/2013 9:55:09 PM
Leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei meets young activists from Tamarod petition campaign aimed at forcing incumbent President Morsi to hold early presidential elections

Egypt - Politics
5/26/2013 3:04:30 PM
An employee at an Al-Azhar school is questioned for allegedly coercing students to sign the 'Rebel' anti-Morsi petition

Egypt -
5/26/2013 1:21:49 PM
Anti-Morsi petition drive launches website to build on over 3 million signatures collected so far

Egypt - Politics
5/23/2013 10:30:24 AM
Anti-Morsi campaign 'Rebel' seems to be attracting a lot of support from Cairo residents

Egypt - Politics
5/16/2013 3:50:08 PM
Egypt's Constitution and Al-Wafd parties, along with other political groups, join the 'Rebel' campaign, opens all its offices to collect signatures of no-confidence in President Mohamed Morsi

Egypt -
5/16/2013 3:06:46 PM
Several political forces announce plans for a million-strong rally in Tahrir Square Friday amid renewed calls for early presidential elections

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2013 1:16:48 PM
'Rebel' campaigners attacked in Cairo's Helwan district – allegedly by Brotherhood supporters; anti-Morsi petition gains over 2 million signatures since 1 May

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2013 10:11:56 AM
Salafist figure Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail says petition to 'withdraw confidence' from President Morsi has no legal basis

Egypt - Politics
5/13/2013 11:10:20 PM
Activists launch 'Rebel' campaign to collect 15 million signatures by 30 June in effort to force early presidential elections

Egypt - Politics
5/12/2013 7:07:30 PM
Country's best-known political youth group joins 'Rebel Movement' aimed at collecting signatures for petition demanding vote of no-confidence in Egypt's first freely-elected head of state

World - International
5/6/2013 3:34:21 PM
Hundreds of thousands of Americans sign a petition that calls President Barack Obama to shut down Guantanamo bay prison

Egypt - Politics
4/15/2013 2:15:14 PM
Muslims and Christians sign joint petition calling for release of detainees arrested after sectarian violence that killed five people

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 11:54:29 AM
Al Wasat Party freezes all their calls for national dialogue and the party leader will petition to strip ElBaradei of Nobel Peace Prize for his party's responsibility in Friday's violence

Business - Economy
3/3/2013 10:23:28 PM
Local brokerage firms, investors' associations petition government to retract planned tax on all stock exchange transactions, saying move will only spook investors in Egypt's already-struggling bourse

World - Region
2/27/2013 6:03:25 PM
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan claims he is set to petition UN Security Council to lift embargo on arms imports imposed by the council in 2011 at the start of Libyan uprising

World - International
2/7/2013 10:04:14 PM
The petition demands the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and calls of snap elections in the European country

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