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Business - Tech
2/1/2022 3:40:27 PM
PlayStation-maker Sony is escalating its competition with Xbox-maker Microsoft by buying the video game studio behind one of Xbox's hit games.

Business - Economy
8/17/2020 2:14:12 PM
Paymob announced on Monday its partnership with Holyo, a German-based provider for global branded payments that helps leading brands like PlayStation monetise their products in places where credit cards are not widely used

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
8/4/2020 4:50:07 PM
Sony net profit jumps 53.3% in Q1 but virus clouds annual outlook

Sports - World
3/23/2020 11:17:15 AM

Egypt - Politics
12/24/2015 6:02:53 PM
25 were arrested for using arms and the destruction of properties

Business - Economy
12/26/2014 1:12:28 PM

Sports - World Cup 2014
7/4/2014 3:38:30 PM
A Danish teenager has claimed the virtual World Cup by beating his English rival in the final of the online Playstation gaming competition, overcoming a field of almost two million entrants.

Books - Arab
10/23/2013 5:21:00 AM
In his verses, Muhammad Ibn Al-Dheeb Al-Ajami praised Arab Spring revolts, criticised Qatar's former absolute monarch and mocked "sheikhs playing on their PlayStations"

Business - Markets & Companies
2/21/2013 9:40:47 AM

Sports - Egyptian Football
11/2/2010 5:52:00 PM
From Al-Badri’s frustration with playing in Africa, to Platini’s rejection of ‘PlayStation Football,’ Al-Ahram Online has selected October's the best quotes.