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World - International
4/11/2022 7:48:35 PM
Pakistan's parliament on Monday elected opposition lawmaker Shahbaz Sharif as the new prime minister, following a week of political turmoil that led to the weekend ouster of Premier Imran Khan.

World - International
4/9/2022 11:28:33 PM
Imran Khan was dismissed Sunday as Pakistan prime minister after losing a no-confidence vote in parliament following weeks of political turmoil.

World - Region
7/26/2021 7:42:00 PM
Here are some reactions from countries around the world to Sunday's presidential announcement of sacking the premiere and suspension of parliament

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
3/2/2021 10:03:25 PM
Amid the political turmoil in the Republic of Armenia, rallies were held by both the opposition and the government, writes Nora Koloyan-Keuhnelian

World - International
11/6/2020 3:17:17 PM
Kyrgyzstan tore down the gates of its main government building in a move authorities said symbolised the removal of barriers between citizens and authorities following political turmoil

World - International
9/24/2020 1:44:28 PM
'They're shouting that they don't recognise us,' Lukashenko said at a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador Cui Qiming

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
6/28/2019 12:11:42 PM
Salah Elmur presents an exhibition of paintings under the title “Photos of Cotton Factory Workers” at Cairo's new premises of Mashrabiya Gallery

Arts & Culture - Film
10/4/2018 8:57:14 PM
Two films from Syria - Of Fathers and Sons, and The Day I Lost My Shadow - as well as Gunshot from Egypt deal with the Arab region from the standpoint of recent political turmoil

World - Region
7/28/2018 12:24:07 PM
Iraq’s anti-government Shia protests underline a bigger problem than just political turmoil and public frustration

World - International
5/28/2018 10:31:24 AM

World - Region
11/20/2017 4:25:42 PM

World - International
11/20/2017 10:25:27 AM

Egypt - Politics
8/31/2016 5:49:50 PM
While people in Egypt are living longer than they were in 1990, the 2011 uprising led to marginal drop in life expectancy

Rio - News
4/27/2016 11:17:30 AM
The Rio Olympics, which kick off in 100 days, will not suffer fallout from the political crisis raging in Brazil, but pollution and terrorism remain worries, Sports Minister Ricardo Leyser told AFP

World - Region
4/14/2016 4:57:35 PM

Business - Economy
4/10/2015 3:32:48 PM
The Egyptian government has been undertaking fiscal and regulatory reforms to improve the business environment for foreign investors which are badly needed after years of political turmoil

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/14/2015 8:55:07 PM
Ahram Online talks to Antonia Carver, director of 9th Art Dubai, about the fair's highlights, the role of artists in times of political turmoil, and the impact of technology on art and contemporary life

Business - Economy
3/2/2015 12:53:02 PM
An upcoming economic conference planned for late March is expected to attract investors, desperately needed for an economy battered by political turmoil

Egypt - Politics
4/4/2014 3:28:45 PM
Ahram Online speaks to experts to find out how three years of political turmoil have marginalised social issues like female genital mutilation (FGM), and how the problem can be solved

Business - Economy
3/31/2014 4:50:13 PM

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