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Arts & Culture - Screens
2/3/2016 4:12:00 PM

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/16/2016 3:47:52 PM
Rickman is the second major British cultural figure aged 69 to die this week following a private battle with cancer after rock icon David Bowie's death on Monday

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/14/2016 2:54:34 PM

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
6/16/2015 12:47:26 PM
The team behind One Thousand and One Nights (Alf Leila w Leila) is scheduled to be aired during Ramadan and includes international experts who have already worked on well-known films, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Books -
2/28/2015 10:55:56 AM
The collection belonging to real estate lawyer Menahem Asher Silva Vargas has been certified by Guinness Awards as the largest anywhere

Arts & Culture - Film
7/13/2014 1:46:49 PM

Books -
2/17/2014 8:57:33 PM

World - International
1/6/2014 12:06:18 PM

Books - World
12/23/2013 10:09:31 AM
Rowling said she would work with the writer on the new play, charting Harry's lonely childhood when he was forced to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs, but would not script it herself

Arts & Culture - Film
9/2/2013 12:52:17 PM
Fans of former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe sparked chaos at the Venice film festival

Books - World
7/14/2013 1:33:11 PM
J.K. Rowling has pulled off some impressive literary wizardry: she has managed to gain acclaim for writing a detective novel without anyone knowing she had penned it

Books - World
5/21/2013 10:29:45 AM
The personal annotations from Rowling included comments on the process of writing and a section from an early draft of the novel

Arts & Culture - Film
3/30/2013 9:55:42 AM
Richard Griffiths, who has acted in Withnail and I and Harry Potter, has died at the age of 63 following heart surgery

Books - World
10/7/2012 1:15:53 PM
The new novel for adults by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has become a bestseller in France despite lukewarm reviews here and abroad

Books - World
9/30/2012 3:23:50 PM
Harry Potter author JK Rowling spent the day "trying to avoid newspapers" as her first novel for grown-ups hit the bookshops, but she is confident the book is "the best I can do", she told fans

Folk - Special Files
8/20/2012 2:00:27 PM
Pottery, one of the first practical art forms, does not have the place in Egyptian society it once had, but its artisans continue to innovate

Books - World
8/11/2012 12:20:01 PM
"Harry Potter" author Rowling, who came in 10th with $17 million in earnings, is branching into the adult market with "The Casual Vacancy," due to be published in September

Books - World
8/1/2012 1:04:54 PM
The website aims to support parents and teachers aiming to encourage children to read

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/20/2012 1:39:14 PM
Following successful Islamic art auctions in 2011, the Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds sale will take place at Christie's in London on 26 April

Folk - Folk Arts
12/13/2011 6:34:24 PM
The Annual exhibition of pottery and tapestry handicrafts of Garagos Artists is back in town

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