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World - Africa
12/15/2023 4:48:27 PM
Niger's ousted president Mohamed Bazoum, who has been held in detention since a July 26 coup, must be freed immediately, the court of the West African bloc, ECOWAS, ordered on Friday.

World - Africa
8/19/2023 5:34:11 PM
A delegation from West African bloc ECOWAS arrived in Niger on Saturday for talks with the military officers who have seized power, sources close to the organisation and ousted President Mohamed Bazoum told AFP.

Opinion - Opinion
8/16/2023 11:57:00 AM
The deteriorating security situation in the African Sahel region underscores the need to re-evaluate the military and security strategies of its countries

World - Africa
8/14/2023 10:08:57 AM
Niger's military regime vowed late Sunday to prosecute ousted president Mohamed Bazoum for "high treason" and slammed West African leaders for imposing sanctions on the country.

World - Africa
8/11/2023 6:44:14 PM
As both the UN rights chief and the African Union expressed alarm regarding the worsening detention conditions of deposed Niger president Mohamed Bazoum, West African military chiefs are scheduled to convene on Saturday after a summit mandated the deployment of a "standby force" to address the crisis.

World - Africa
8/10/2023 9:34:53 PM
Niger’s junta told a top U.S. diplomat that they would kill deposed President Mohamed Bazoum if neighboring countries attempted any military intervention to restore his rule, two Western officials told The Associated Press.

Opinion -
8/8/2023 8:22:00 PM
Events in Niger following the military coup carried out on 26 July against the democratically-elected President Mohamed Bazoum casts their shadow on the region, and worldwide.

World - Africa
8/7/2023 10:12:48 AM
Niger closed its airspace due to the "threat of intervention" as the junta defied a deadline from the West African bloc ECOWAS to reinstate democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum or face possible military action.

World - Africa
8/3/2023 12:48:04 PM
US President Joe Biden called on Thursday for the immediate release of Niger's elected President Mohamed Bazoum and for the country's democracy to be preserved.

World - Africa
8/2/2023 12:01:55 PM
Niger's land and air borders with five neighbouring countries have been reopened, nearly a week after they were closed following a coup that overthrew elected President Mohamed Bazoum, one of the putschists announced Tuesday on national television.

World - Africa
7/31/2023 11:10:40 AM
Niger's new junta on Monday accused former colonial ruler France of wanting to "intervene militarily" to reinstate deposed President Mohamed Bazoum.

World - Africa
7/29/2023 8:18:38 PM
France has suspended all development aid and budgetary support to Niger following a military coup against President Mohamed Bazoum, the French foreign ministry said Saturday.

World - International
7/28/2023 5:11:50 PM
Niger's putschists named an army general as the new leader of the unstable jihadist-hit nation on Friday, the third day since elected President Mohamed Bazoum was detained, and The European Union on Friday threatened to cut aid to Niger after the announcement.

World - Africa
7/27/2023 11:10:41 AM
Soldiers claim to have overthrown Niger's government following an apparent coup in the West African nation on Wednesday when members of the Presidential Guard detained President Mohamed Bazoum.

World - Africa
7/26/2023 9:23:58 PM
The United States on Wednesday demanded the release of Niger President Mohamed Bazoum after he was detained by members of his guard during an apparent coup attempt.

World - Africa
7/26/2023 6:20:39 PM
The African Union on Wednesday condemned "an attempted coup d'etat" in Niger after President Mohamed Bazoum was detained by members of the presidential guard, according to a source close to him.

World - Africa
7/26/2023 4:46:00 PM
Niger President Mohamed Bazoum is being detained by members of the Presidential Guard, who have been given an "ultimatum" by the army, a source close to Bazoum said on Wednesday.

World - Africa
7/26/2023 2:23:41 PM
Access to the residence and offices of Niger President Mohamed Bazoum was blocked off Wednesday by members of the elite Presidential Guard, a source close to Bazoum said, although the reason was unclear.