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Egypt - Politics
7/17/2013 4:04:29 PM
Former prime minister Kamal El-Ganzouri also served as economic affairs advisor to president Morsi

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2013 12:56:49 AM
Egypt governorates see mass protests Monday night following calls by Islamist alliance led by Muslim Brotherhood to demand the reinstatement of deposed president Morsi

Egypt - Politics
7/15/2013 9:26:48 PM
Supporters of ousted president Morsi lock horns with police, civilian opponents in Cairo’s downtown and Giza; at least 22 injured. No deaths officially reported

Egypt - Politics
7/13/2013 4:38:54 PM
Egypt's Islamist Shura Council MPs at protests to reinstate deposed president Morsi issue statement insisting on their own legitimacy

Egypt - Politics
7/13/2013 1:06:57 PM
Head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party Abu El-Ghar argues that releasing deposed president Morsi should be part of reconciliation with Brotherhood

Egypt - Politics
7/12/2013 8:30:07 PM
Ramadan breakfast in Tahrir Square celebrates 'third wave of revolution,' upholds demand for President Morsi's removal

Business - Economy
7/10/2013 11:42:43 PM
Gulf nation pledge on Wednesday comes a day after Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates offer $8 billion to Egypt days after ouster of Islamist President Morsi

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 11:40:48 AM
Brotherhood refuses an offer to join Egypt's new interim government after the military responded to mass protests to remove Islamist president Morsi

Business - Economy
7/9/2013 6:18:18 PM
Following military-backed ouster of president Morsi, Saudi finance minister tells Reuters that oil-rich kingdom will send $5-billion aid package to Egypt on Tuesday

Egypt - Politics
7/9/2013 12:20:54 PM
Supporters of deposed Islamist president Morsi plan a protest march and commemoration ceremony for those killed at Republican Guard clashes

Business - Economy
7/8/2013 12:18:11 PM
Main index down 2.4% in first minutes of trading after Cairo clashes between supporters of deposed president Morsi and security forces leave 42 dead

Egypt - Politics
7/8/2013 11:26:42 AM
In a message on Twitter, Turkey's FM condemns a "massacre" by the Egyptian Army that left 42 supporters of ousted president Morsi killed during clashes before Egypt's Republican Guards

Egypt - Politics
7/7/2013 3:47:10 PM
With Egypt in political limbo after president Morsi was deposed, 3 major names are floated for premiership, with ElBaradei favoured by Rebel campaign but resisted by Salafists

Opinion -
7/7/2013 1:48:44 PM
The ouster of President Morsi puts the country's fledgling democracy back on track, despite international media's fears

World - International
7/7/2013 12:42:13 PM
Conflict in Egypt between supporters and foes of deposed president Morsi threatenes to degenerate into a civil war

Egypt -
7/6/2013 11:26:36 PM
Egypt's interim president appoints well-known Egyptian writer and one-time aide to deposed president Morsi Sekina Fouad as advisor for women's issues

Egypt - Politics
7/6/2013 9:37:00 PM
Clashes between supporters, opponents of president Morsi in capital's Manial district lead to death of 12 local residents

Egypt - Politics
7/6/2013 6:07:19 PM
Street battles continue in several Egyptian governorates following president's ouster by military; dozens of pro-Morsi demonstrators arrested by security forces

Egypt - Politics
7/6/2013 4:27:07 PM
Brotherhood political party announces funeral march for protesters killed near republican guard building Friday where they believed deposed president Morsi was being held

Egypt - Politics
7/6/2013 12:03:20 PM
After chaotic clashes on Friday night, the Brotherhood's political arm thanks supporters of army-deposed president Morsi for coming out to protest

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