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Egypt - Politics
11/20/2011 4:40:38 PM
In wake of Saturday's Tahrir Square clashes, moderate Islamist party urges SCAF to hold presidential elections in Egypt within next five months

World - International
11/8/2011 3:42:01 PM
Liberia presidential election's run off starts as main opposition boycott the election

Egypt - Politics
10/9/2011 3:35:56 PM
Official says ministry 'fully prepared' to allow Egyptians living abroad to vote in parliamentary, presidential polls

Egypt - Politics
9/22/2011 5:06:59 PM
Islamist party demands clear-cut timetable for parliamentary, presidential polls

World - International
5/1/2011 1:41:11 PM
Despite winning presidential polls, Ivory Coast's new leader Alassane Ouattara could take power only with the help of fighters of his Premier Soro, seen by analysts as the regime's pillar

World - International
2/12/2011 2:36:36 PM
Kazakhstan's main opposition party will boycott upcoming presidential polls accusing the president of breaching the constitution

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