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Al-Ahram Weekly - Nakba remembered
5/14/2023 6:33:29 PM
Israel's 50th anniversary celebrations were in full swing last Thursday, the day when, according to the Jewish calendar, the state of Israel was established. The celebrations, held in major Western capitals, were attended by leading public figures and heads of state

Egypt - Politics
5/3/2023 11:50:00 PM
The long-awaited National Dialogue kicked off on Wednesday with several political forces, civil society groups, professional and labour unions, and public figures participating to discuss key political, economic, and social issues.

Egypt - Politics
3/30/2023 3:40:10 PM
A number of renowned Egyptian writers, activists, experts, and film professionals will join the specialised committees of the National Dialogue launched by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi last year to discuss national priority issues.

Egypt - Politics
5/24/2022 11:18:03 AM
The National Training Academy (NTA) said on Monday that a joint neutral committee made of public figures and experts was going to be formed to collect all suggestions it received for review and discussion to prepare the upcoming national dialogue’s vision to draw a "roadmap towards the new republic".

World - Region
2/7/2022 9:57:06 AM
Israeli and Palestinian public figures have drawn up a new proposal for a two-state confederation that they hope will offer a way forward after a decade-long stalemate in Mideast peace efforts.

AFCON 2021 - News
2/4/2022 1:58:35 PM
Egypt earned wide acclaim from international media, public figures, and famed sports newspapers after putting on a superb performance in the semifinals of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2021).

Egypt - Politics
5/28/2021 7:53:24 PM
Numerous people, including former officials, public figures and businessmen, attended the funeral prayers in Al-Mosheer Tantawy mosque in the Fifth Settlement district

Egypt - Politics
3/11/2021 6:25:07 PM
Those added on the terrorist list in 2018 included leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood and public figures

Egypt - Politics
1/22/2020 4:03:00 PM
Hasm was plotting a series of "terrorist attacks" against public figures, buildings and houses of worship on the anniversary of the 25 January Revolution

Life & Style - City Lights
10/13/2019 7:16:28 PM

World - Region
1/15/2019 6:45:57 PM

Egypt - Presidential Elections 2018
2/4/2018 4:54:45 PM
In the past few days, numerous public figures and many MPs have blasted calls by some opposition figures for boycott, accusing the group of aiming to undermine democracy and the Egyptian constitution.

Egypt - Politics
9/26/2017 1:10:41 PM
Monday's event, arranged by the American University in Cairo, reflects closer ties between the three nations in recent years, including several top-level summits, with security and energy topping the agenda

Egypt - Politics
9/11/2017 8:56:13 PM
The committee said human rights organizations working in Egypt should issue a 'professional' response to HRW's report on Egypt

Egypt - Politics
4/19/2016 1:01:05 PM
A number of public figures met with Francois Hollande in Cairo on Monday

Egypt - Politics
4/13/2016 10:09:42 PM
In a meeting with dozens of public figures, the president asked people to stop talking about the Tiran and Sanafir islands issue and leave it to parliament to decide

Egypt - Politics
4/12/2016 1:34:23 PM

Egypt - Politics
4/12/2016 10:06:20 AM
The two islands are Egyptian, argue a number of politicians, experts and public figures

Egypt - Politics
3/8/2016 12:42:04 PM
A press conference Tuesday will announce the launch

Egypt - Politics
2/9/2016 3:02:51 PM
Siam is one of 28 public figures appointed to Egypt's parliament by El-Sisi last month

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