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Egypt - Politics
8/10/2017 1:49:14 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2017 8:08:39 PM

Egypt - Politics
5/7/2017 12:37:11 PM
The driver stopped the train in Feheyra after the front carriage caught fire

Egypt - Politics
4/29/2017 2:13:49 PM
The Luxor-Qena highway has been closed off by authorities

Business - Economy
3/20/2017 12:56:04 PM

Life & Style - Health
12/18/2016 6:19:57 PM
The outreach is part of a number of drives to raise awareness on hearing loss and early detection

Business - Economy
10/1/2016 7:46:31 PM

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/3/2016 7:57:23 PM
Minimal budgets, lack of space and censorship are top among a long list of challenges faced by theatre makers outside the capital. Ahram Online talks to directors of troupes from across the country

Heritage - Heritage special
3/29/2016 7:27:23 PM
A story telling festival that takes place in the Upper Egyptian city of Qena was cancelled because officials were busy with other projects, according to the governor

Egypt - Politics
12/16/2015 6:20:03 PM
The five water stations were closed as a precautionary step

Heritage - Heritage special
11/25/2015 3:33:33 PM
Local legend has it that a brunette woman with a child still guards the temple that stood next the ancient lake in Upper Egypt

Sports - Egyptian Football
11/19/2015 3:05:53 PM
The Qena-born player has been with Ahly since he started his senior career in 2013

Egypt - Politics
9/22/2015 12:46:08 PM
A microbus and a taxi collided on the Qena-Safaga highway

Egypt - Politics
9/13/2015 10:30:45 AM
Heavy rain caused the closure of three roads between the Red Sea governorate and parts of Upper Egypt

Egypt - Politics
9/9/2015 4:46:34 PM
The build-up to the parliamentary elections rumbles on with two constituency boundaries to be redrawn after an error by the cabinet and a lawsuit filed against them

Egypt - Politics
7/20/2015 7:08:36 PM
Accidents in Qena, Sohag, and Fayoum on Monday following Eid travel

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2015 12:27:19 PM
The arrested included five Sudanese along with Egyptians from Minya, Assiut, Beni Suef, Qena and Giza

Antiquities - Greco-Roman
7/2/2015 2:56:35 PM
The Mons Claudianus archaeological site that stretches from the Red Sea to Qena province is to be restored with the view of developing it into an open air museum of Roman era quarrying in Egypt

Heritage - Heritage special
5/5/2015 3:25:45 PM
Love, resistance, deep self-knowledge and many stories unfolded in the villages of Qena governorate last week

Multimedia -
5/3/2015 5:51:46 PM
Doum, a cultural foundation, holds second edition of the National Story Telling Festival in Upper Egypt's Qena

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