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Egypt - Politics
5/21/2013 7:13:05 PM
Security officers – along with some relatives of kidnapped soldiers – maintain closure of Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip for fifth consecutive day to demand soldiers' release

World - Region
2/16/2013 9:35:25 AM
The talks include opening the Rafah crossing on Gaza's border with Egypt to enable the transfer of construction materials from Qatar, as well as enabling agricultural produce from Gaza to enter Israel

Egypt - Politics
11/15/2012 2:04:00 PM
Palestinians injured in Israeli air strikes will be transferred across border to Egypt's Al-Arish General Hospital

Egypt - Politics
8/26/2012 12:47:43 PM
Egypt receives 60 Palestinians after reopening the Israeli-Egyptian border at the Rafah crossing

Egypt - Politics
8/13/2012 10:47:42 PM
Official from Gaza-based Palestinian resistance group Hamas chides Egypt for closing Rafah crossing in wake of last week's border attack

Egypt - Politics
8/12/2012 9:39:24 PM
Activists refuse conditions on Egypt's control of Sinai, also demanding that Rafah Crossing be open on a permanent basis; will march following last week's attacks

Egypt - Politics
8/8/2012 2:37:02 PM
Palestinian official says Egypt and Hamas are working to reopen the vital border crossing as soon as possible, according to media report

Business - Economy
2/20/2012 5:27:38 PM
Leader of Palestinian resistance faction Hamas enters Egypt via Rafah crossing to discuss Gaza fuel crisis, Palestinian reconciliation with Egyptian officialdom

Egypt - Politics
11/4/2011 2:13:16 PM
The Egyptian ministry of interior announced they will close the Rafah Egypt-Gaza border crossing during this year's Eid holiday

Egypt - Politics
6/8/2011 3:15:36 PM
Gaza's Hamas government and Egypt agree on terms, open Rafah border crossing after four days of closure

World - Region
6/5/2011 3:44:03 PM
With Palestinians growing increasingly despairing of the failure of Egypt's new government to keep the Rafah border with Gaza open, they are opening up new channels to exert pressure

World - Region
6/2/2011 5:54:27 PM
The slow passage of travellers across the border is attributed to limited capacity rather than reported international pressure on the Egyptian government

World - Region
6/1/2011 6:17:17 PM
Despite Egyptian promises of opening its border with Gaza permanently, Rafah Crossing is seeing new restrictions put in place

Multimedia -
5/14/2011 6:14:28 PM
On the eve of Nakba Day, touted as the beginning of the third Palestinian intifada, Egyptian activists plan a solidarity march to the Palestinian border.

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2011 12:38:52 PM
Pro-Palestinian convoy to Gaza defies Egypt's security pressures to cancel march, rearranging transport when their chartered bus company was ordered to back out and despite probabilities of a clash in the peninsula

World - Region
5/10/2011 4:44:03 PM
The number of Palestinians denied passage through the Rafah crossing following the Egyptian revolution has increased threefold, claims the Egyptian head of the crossing

Egypt - Politics
2/24/2011 1:06:41 PM
Drug smugglers kill 22 year old policeman to resist arrest

Egypt - Politics
2/20/2011 10:59:52 AM
Gaza's Rafah crossing to reopen on Tuesday

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