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World - Region
4/15/2022 3:34:35 PM
Palestinians clashed with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on Friday as thousands gathered for prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
4/14/2022 1:49:00 PM
The sixth season of the popular Ramadan series El-Kebeer Awi drew the attention of viewers in Korea when scenes from Squid Game were enacted.

Life & Style - Food
4/13/2022 12:05:23 AM
Heba Anwar, author of Ramdanak Smart, talks about what health-coaching can offer people, especially for those who observe the fast during the Holy Muslim Month of Ramadan.

Arts & Culture - Art Alert
4/12/2022 10:49:58 PM
Prominent Egyptian Islamic chanter Yassin El-Tohamy will give a Ramadan concert at the Cairo Opera House’s Open Theatre on Wednesday 20 April.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
4/12/2022 10:00:23 PM
Hani Mustafa looks at two suspense thrillers in this year’s Ramadan TV fare.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
4/12/2022 9:35:58 PM
Fashionable traditional outfits like kaftans, kimonos, galabeyas and abayas have become part of the month’s ritual in recent years. As a result, many fashion houses are taking these outfits into account, elevating their sophistication and adding modern touches.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
4/12/2022 9:29:30 PM
How is Ramadan celebrated in Egypt’s hospitals and old people’s homes

Multimedia - In Pictures
4/12/2022 9:14:48 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Music and dance
4/12/2022 7:18:26 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Theater
4/12/2022 7:09:15 PM

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
4/12/2022 3:26:33 PM
As per Ramadan tradition, many companies have created special ads for the month of Ramadan that are being broadcasted on TV channels; a number of which are trending and have gotten millions of views.

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
4/12/2022 1:50:17 PM
Prominent Egyptian actor Tawfik Abdel-Hamid said on Monday that he is planning to retire after he finishes shooting his part in the Ramadan TV series ‘U-Turn’.

Egypt - Defence
4/11/2022 3:20:27 PM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi congratulated Egyptians on the anniversary of the victory of 10 Ramadan, 1393 AH — the day in the Islamic calendar that corresponded to the 6 October War against Israel in 1973.

World - Region
4/11/2022 11:30:07 AM
Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian man near the city of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry said early Monday, the latest in a growing wave of violence that has erupted during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Arts & Culture - Art Alert
4/10/2022 5:46:07 PM
Egyptian singer Wael El-Fashny will give a Ramadan-flavoured concert on 21 April at El-Sawy Culturewheel in Zamalek.

World - Region
4/10/2022 4:52:00 PM
​Israeli troops on Sunday shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian woman in the occupied West Bank and Palestinians set fire to a shrine revered by Jews, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. It was the latest episode of violence during the holy month of Ramadan.

Life & Style - City Lights
4/9/2022 7:45:20 PM
An art workshop by artist Ahmed Ghoeiba this week showed Russian children how to make Ramadan lanterns, sharing with them a popular element of Egypt’s cultural heritage and one of the most famous symbols of the holy month.

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
4/8/2022 7:19:32 PM
The newest song Ya Maafer performed by the Egyptian star Sherine has reached over 60 million views on YouTube and Facebook less than one week after its release.

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/8/2022 2:51:33 PM
Head of the Artistic House of Theatre, Ismail Mokhtar, revealed that the department prepared several new plays to be staged during the month of Ramadan.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
4/7/2022 10:09:00 PM
Historian Mohamed Afifi explains why politics have long been inseparable from Ramadan festivities in Egypt.

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