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Egypt - Politics
8/12/2014 3:19:02 PM
The 494 defendants are accused of involvement in violence between pro-Morsi protesters and security forces last August at the Fath Mosque in Cairo’s Ramsis

Egypt - Politics
1/28/2014 11:59:21 AM
Pro-Morsi protesters gather in downtown Cairo as the trial proceedings of the deposed leader begin

Egypt - Politics
12/20/2013 1:02:25 PM
Security increases in Cairo's Tahrir Square, Ramsis Square and Rabaa Al-Adawiya

Egypt - Politics
9/14/2013 6:03:56 PM
Safwat Hegazy acquitted in one case; still detained facing other charges for incidents in Ramsis Square and outside Presidential Palace

Egypt - Politics
8/18/2013 12:00:00 PM
Police arrest hundreds of Brotherhood supporters from Al-Fath Mosque in Ramsis Square; Islamists promise new demos against army-backed government

Egypt - Politics
8/17/2013 11:26:21 AM
Angry crowds surround Al-Fath Mosque in Ramses Square where more than 1,500 supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi are trapped following violent clashes Friday

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2013 12:56:34 PM
Clashes between Morsi supporters and police left 7 dead and 261 injured on Monday; Egyptian Current Party denounces police dispersal of sit-in by force

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2013 11:26:04 AM
Egypt's health ministry says 137 injured have left the hospital, 124 still receiving medical care; calm restored in Ramsis and open to traffic

Multimedia -
7/16/2013 4:08:28 AM
Violence breaks out after police forces fire teargas at pro-Morsi protesters in attempt to clear Six of October Bridge above downtown's Ramsis Street

Folk - Street Smart
6/18/2013 10:58:36 PM
As a new cultural centre opens its doors in Agouza, Ahram Online listens to the historic building's tales

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
2/20/2013 5:03:30 PM
Remains of a mud-brick pyramid-shaped tomb cover belonging to vizier Khay found in Luxor

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
2/13/2013 5:20:50 PM
Famed Egyptian cartoonist Ramsis Zakari has died on Tuesday, 12 February after a long battle with illness

Egypt - Politics
1/30/2013 10:04:06 PM

Multimedia -
1/18/2013 6:00:51 PM
Ahram Online joined thousands of Ultras fans as they marched from Ramsis square to Tahrir to demand justice for Port Said massacre victims ten days before a verdict in the case

Arts & Culture - Euro Film Week 2012
10/2/2012 12:00:00 AM
Directed by: Amir Ramsis / Haitham El-Khamissi

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/18/2012 7:47:00 PM
Reactions to a recent flash mob at Cairo's Ramses Train Station suggest that the Egyptian public - for the most part - isn't quite ready for experimental street theatre

Arts & Culture - Film
9/12/2011 1:34:28 PM
This year's edition of the Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam came to a close yesterday with several Egyptian wins, including Moharram for the grand prize

Egypt - Politics
9/10/2011 6:41:46 PM
Hundreds of Egyptian engineers entered a sit-in in front of the General Engineers ‎Syndicate headquarters in the busy downtown Ramsis street

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2011 5:47:58 PM
Egyptian railway workers staged a protest at Ramsis Station, ‎objecting to unmet promises and the death of a colleague due to lax safety standards

Arts & Culture - Film
5/19/2011 4:05:00 PM
Despite its interesting approach, documentary film "Mamnoa" (Prohibited) by Amal Ramsis fails to impress

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