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World - Region
5/17/2011 2:35:15 PM
Omani authorities have carried out a wave of arrests against human rights activists calling for reforms in the Gulf monarchy

World - International
5/16/2011 1:10:15 PM
European Union presses Greece on Monday to speed up reforms as a German colleague floated the idea of an EU plan for less competitive countries

World - Region
5/16/2011 12:34:18 PM
Moroccan forces used truncheons to disperse a pro-democracy protest on the southern outskirts of the kingdom's capital Rabat on Sunday, wounding several people

World - International
5/1/2011 4:43:50 PM
Hundreds of thousands of Cubans paraded through Havana's Revolution Square on Sunday in a May Day celebration that touted recently approved economic reforms in one of the world's last communist countries

World - Region
4/27/2011 1:46:37 PM
Moroccan government plan to raise the public sector's employees salaries next month to meet demands of the protests calling for social justice and political reform

World - Region
4/23/2011 3:41:54 PM
Russia calls Syria a ‘friend’ but expresses concern for the ‘suffering of innocent people’ urging the regime to accelerate political reforms

World - Region
4/19/2011 4:47:11 PM
Demonstrations calling for reforms apply their pressure

World - International
4/17/2011 2:38:21 PM
Ruling coalition marks worst performance in two decades in Malaysia, opposition doubles seat tally

World - Region
4/17/2011 2:27:58 PM
Bashar promises reforms and an end to the suffocating emergency law, but critics say he is 'stalling' and are calling for his resignation

World - Region
4/16/2011 4:51:21 PM
While the protests that are spreading in Syria are calling for reform, the president’s violent dismissal of demonstrators is upping the ante and demands for complete removal might be next

World - Region
4/16/2011 11:14:58 AM
Algeria to launch legislative reforms in light of pro-democracy uprisings sweeping the region

Egypt - Politics
4/14/2011 6:04:12 PM
Arrests hailed as an achievement of the revolution but movement warns that it will return to the streets should the pace of reforms slacken

World - Region
4/13/2011 3:51:00 PM
A group of Syrian university students take to the street to protest against Assad regime, calling for political reforms

World - Region
4/13/2011 1:01:59 PM
A youth movement behind demonstrations demanding political reform in Morocco has called another nationwide protest on April 24 with supporting groups urging Wednesday a strong turnout

Business - Economy
4/11/2011 4:12:31 PM
Middle East needs structural reforms to feed economic growth, according to World Economic Outlook

Business - Economy
4/6/2011 6:38:30 AM
New chairman promises investigations and reforms in a drive to clean up EFSA's reputation

Business - Economy
4/6/2011 5:02:02 AM
Loans of approx LE150 million will help companies operating in ICT sector

World - Region
4/6/2011 3:58:57 AM
The regime of Muammar Gaddafi has said it will talk with the country's opposition forces about reforms if they lay down their arms

World - Region
4/2/2011 3:04:48 PM
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said he would press Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to defuse unrest by making the reforms sought by the Syrian people when he speaks to him on Monday

Business - Economy
3/30/2011 6:15:59 PM
Rabat boosted subsidies for wheat, sugar, gas and oil to maintain purchasing power

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