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World - Region
9/9/2020 8:53:45 PM
It also urged Iran to 'stop support for its proxies in the region and stop inciting sectarian seditions that constitute a continuing threat to the stability and security of the Arab region'

World - Region
8/26/2020 2:07:45 PM
On his arrival on Tuesday night, Pompeo had said it was vital to seize the momentum of the US-brokered deal with the UAE announced on 13 Aug.

Opinion -
5/12/2020 3:49:09 PM
An agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is the key to regional stability and cooperation among the Nile River Basin countries

Opinion -
3/5/2020 9:13:00 PM
In its sudden about-face on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam issue, Ethiopia has proven that it is willing to sacrifice regional stability for domestic political gains

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
1/9/2020 5:25:00 PM
Turkey’s decision to send military forces into Libya is further evidence of its neo-Ottoman delusions and poses a direct challenge to Egyptian national interests and regional stability

Egypt - Politics
11/18/2019 8:44:40 PM

Egypt - Politics
4/9/2019 5:07:56 PM
Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Aa also said that stability in Libya is very important to Egypt and to regional stability. Gamal Essam El-Din reports

World - Region
10/27/2018 9:08:11 AM

Egypt - Politics
10/16/2018 6:00:00 PM
Egypt and Russia consolidate their shared positions on Syria and Libya

Egypt - Politics
9/14/2018 5:10:17 PM
Regional security will top the agenda of the Egyptian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly later this month

World - Region
5/22/2017 5:16:44 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/1/2017 10:25:27 AM
Sameh Shoukry in talks with Kay Granger discussed Egypt's reform efforts and ways to bolster ties with the US

Egypt - Politics
3/19/2015 11:56:21 AM
Western capitals are keen to support Egypt, diplomats say, but progress must be made on fundamentals, including legislative elections, addressing Egyptian bureaucracy, and shoring up regional stability

Egypt - Politics
9/11/2014 8:32:08 PM
El-Sisi will use the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting to present Egypt's position on regional stability

Egypt - Politics
11/5/2013 3:10:42 PM
Turkish foreign ministry says release of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is instrumental to ending country's political deadlock and securing regional stability

World - Region
5/17/2013 3:22:35 PM
Tzipi Livni, Israeli Justice Minister, criticises Russia over arms deal with Syria, claiming it does not contribute to regional stability

World - International
12/20/2012 11:39:28 AM
South Korea's first female President-elect Park Geun-Hye promises to work on national security issues and ensure regional stability

Egypt - Politics
11/17/2012 8:46:52 PM
Turkey's prime minister, in Cairo Saturday for talks on Gaza, underlines willingness to cooperate with Egypt on regional stability and responding to Israeli aggression

Egypt - The Balance Sheet
9/23/2012 12:08:35 PM
President Mohamed Morsi calls on the US to 'fundamentally change' its approach to the Arab world, in particular rebuilding relations with Egypt, 'a cornerstone of regional stability'

World - Region
7/30/2012 9:50:05 PM
US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta offers help to Tunisia against Al-Qaeda to 'ensure regional stability'

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