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Egypt - Politics
4/11/2013 7:21:26 PM
Bedouin tribesmen kidnap Hungarian from peacekeeping force in Egypt's Sinai; demand authorities release tribe member: security official
Books -
4/10/2013 10:27:33 PM
Syrian writer George Kadrr publishes new dictionary of pre-Islamic deities and indicates the religious diversity of ancient Arabs
World - Region
4/10/2013 7:44:32 PM
Jordanian activist who has been held in Saudi Arabia since start of the year and denied access to family and lawyers and charged with no offense, was ordered released Wednesday
World - Region
4/8/2013 5:17:44 PM
Egypt has to interfere and press Israel to release hunger-striker Samer Issawi, leading PLC figure says
Egypt - Politics
4/7/2013 3:57:17 PM
Security sources say Egypt released a ship captured last week for passing through local territorial waters
Books -
4/7/2013 12:00:00 PM
Alaa-Al Aswany finally publishes 'Cars Club' started in 2008, inspired by hearing the story of the invention of the car on a visit to a famous car club in Germany
Egypt - Politics
4/3/2013 8:25:16 PM
Protesters in Alexandria surround the home of the head of criminal investigations, demanding the release of Cairo activists
Egypt - Politics
4/2/2013 11:39:49 AM
Egypt's renowned satirist Bassem Youssef faces yet another accusation after having been released on bail
World - Region
4/2/2013 10:30:11 AM
Six political prisoners freed day after Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir pledges would release all political prisoners in an attempt to strengthen peace talks with South
World - Region
4/1/2013 11:52:28 AM
Sudanese president says he will release all political detainees in the country
Egypt - Politics
3/31/2013 9:59:19 PM
Court that decided Egypt's infamous Port Said stadium trial releases written copy of judgements, says country's worst-ever football-related disaster was planned in advance
Egypt -
3/31/2013 5:20:04 PM
Prosecutors set bail for the well-known satirist who is accused of denigrating Islam and the president
Egypt - Politics
3/31/2013 12:45:16 PM
Members of April 6 Youth Movement protest at High Court in Cairo for removal of prosecutor-general and release of detained activists
Egypt - Politics
3/31/2013 11:34:08 AM
Four lawyers and nine activists arrested in Alexandria following clashes between Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Brotherhood protesters are released Sunday
World - International
3/28/2013 6:13:56 PM
Warrants released in the investigation of the Newtown school massacre reveal that an arsenal of weapons including guns, a gun safe with shotgun shells, a bayonet and several swords are found in the home of the gunman
Books - World
3/28/2013 3:56:52 PM
Penguin Group (USA), publisher of Khaled Hosseini, Harlan Coben and other popular authors, has said it's comfortable with letting libraries offer e-book editions of brand new releases
Business - Economy
3/28/2013 1:36:11 PM
Egyptian former oil minister Sameh Fahmy has been released from jail pending retrial
World - Region
3/27/2013 12:50:12 PM
HRW calls Jordan calls for the release of five students engaged in 'devil worship'
Egypt -
3/26/2013 3:59:12 PM
Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel-Fattah turns himself in to prosecution but refuses to answer questions and demands to be referred to an investigative judge; activist released temporarily
Arts & Culture - Film
3/26/2013 12:44:44 PM
Great Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci portrayed as a superhero in US television series 'Da Vinci's Demons' to be released on 12 April

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