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World - Region
11/17/2011 2:23:31 PM
Emir says no tolerance against Kuwaitis who broke into the parliament calling for the prime minister's resignation, on graft allegations

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
11/14/2011 1:38:33 AM
Employees of the Supreme Council of Antiquities protest again, asking for the resignation of the newly appointed secretary general

World - International
11/13/2011 10:06:08 AM
Italy starts forming a new government after the momentous resignation of Silvio Berlusconi, with economist Mario Monti tipped as the man to lead the country through its debt crisis

Business - Economy
11/11/2011 4:48:32 PM
The package of austerity measures demanded by the European Union will now go to the lower house which is expected to approve it on Saturday, triggering the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

World - International
11/10/2011 11:49:53 AM
Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra reveals her unwillingness to leave office despite accusations by the opposition of mismanaging the flood crisis

World - International
11/10/2011 11:42:38 AM
A grand jury testimony by ex-US president Richard Nixon concerning the Watergate scandal that led to his resignation are to be made public Thursday after a court order to unseal the records

World - International
11/8/2011 3:43:08 PM

World - International
11/7/2011 2:24:14 PM
Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi denies rumours of his intention to step down

Business - Economy
11/7/2011 1:57:52 PM
Rumours that Italian prime minister may step down help continent's stock performance

Egypt - Politics
10/20/2011 5:57:09 PM
The entire Wafd party committee in Beni Sueif in upper Egypt tenders collective resignation after Mubarak loyalists appear on organisation's electoral list

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2011 6:55:47 PM
Mansoura University students, professors call strike to demand resignation of Mubarak-era holdovers

Business - Economy
10/18/2011 4:25:11 PM
Credit ratings agency says violence, and rumours of ministerial resignations that followed, 'raised pressure' on the country's battered economy

Business - Economy
10/17/2011 6:39:38 PM
Workers are to gather in Cairo's Opera Square to demand the release of colleagues and the resignation of the firm's head and board of directors

World - Region
10/17/2011 1:19:45 PM
A senior Jordanian government official says the country's prime minister has tendered his resignation, the day after a majority of parliamentarians called for his ouste

World - Region
10/15/2011 11:43:19 AM
Yemeni police opened fire on demonstrators in the capital demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Saturday, killing six and wounding dozens

Egypt - Politics
10/13/2011 5:45:00 PM
Ahmed Maher faction of the 6 April movement calls SCAF's Wednesday press conference 'misleading,' demands information minister's resignation and investigations of military police officers

Egypt - Politics
10/12/2011 3:07:21 PM
After having his resignation rejected by SCAF, Minister of Finance Hazem El-Beblawi took part in a cabinet meeting discussing insurance and retirement funds

Egypt - Politics
10/11/2011 5:25:33 PM
Confusion surrounds the fate of the Cabinet following reports that it had placed the matter of its resignation in the hands of the military council

Egypt - Politics
10/4/2011 7:23:02 PM
The head of Ain Shams University, one of Egypt’s largest universities, has officially submitted his resignation after strikes and protests at the university by professors and students

Books -
10/2/2011 4:12:02 PM
Ahmed Megahed's resignation amid workers' protests elicits mixed reactions, though on balance most appear to regret his departure

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