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Books -
10/2/2011 4:12:02 PM
Ahmed Megahed's resignation amid workers' protests elicits mixed reactions, though on balance most appear to regret his departure

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/27/2011 7:20:00 PM
Head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Abdel Fatah, insists that his resignation is final and he cannot manage the demands of protesters, as Prime Minister Sharaf tries to convince him to stay on

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/26/2011 2:13:29 PM
After the delivery of Abdel Fatah's resignation as secretary general of Egypt's antiquities council, he meets with the prime minister, who takes steps to resolve budget problems amidst archaeologists' protests

Business - Economy
9/24/2011 3:59:08 PM
Chief executive of Swiss banking giant hands in resignation in wake of trader's $2.3 billion fraud

Business - Economy
9/23/2011 4:51:25 PM
Strike enters its twelfth day as rumours spread of concessions by management

Egypt - Politics
9/22/2011 7:42:00 PM
Ahram Online hears frustration, resignation and confusion at a Downtown Cairo bus station as strike begins to bite

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/22/2011 11:02:44 AM
The Egyptian Cabinet has declined the resignation of Supreme Council of Antiquities Secretary General Mohamed Abdel Fatah while the latter vows not to return until gaining full authority

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/20/2011 7:16:57 PM
Mohamed Abdel Fatah explains his decision in an exclusive interview with Ahram Online

World - Region
9/20/2011 3:14:22 PM
Kuwaiti opposition groups calls for a public rally to press for the government's resignation amidst allegations of money-for-political favours corruption

Egypt - Politics
9/15/2011 5:40:51 PM
AUC students pull American flag down at AUC and demand the resignation of university president Lisa Anderson

Egypt - Politics
9/10/2011 1:57:42 PM
After last night's break-in at the Israeli Embassy in Giza, and the fierce clashes that ensued, Prime Minister Sharaf is on his way to report to the head of the ruling military council with resignation rumours in the air

Business - Economy
9/9/2011 5:50:42 PM
Shares take a further dip on Friday as the resignation of European central bank representative further hurts trader sentiment

Sports - Egyptian Football
9/5/2011 4:03:53 PM
Egypt's sport council Chairman Hassan Sakr signed the Ismaily new board, following the resignation of Yehia El-Komy and board

Arts & Culture - Film
9/1/2011 3:41:04 PM
In the upcoming days, a film that includes dramatic re-making of the events within the presidential palace walls before the ousting of Mubarak, will be aired on satellite channels

Business - Economy
8/27/2011 1:26:58 PM
It will take more than just a snazzier iPhone for Tim Cook to top his predecessor, Steve Job's charisma and technologically revolutionary vision

World - International
8/26/2011 1:38:57 PM
The race to pick Japan's sixth leader in five years was in turmoil on Friday after a scandal-tainted party powerbroker looked likely to refuse to back the most popular candidate just days before a vote

Business - Economy
8/25/2011 2:59:32 PM
Resignation of Apple's chief executive prompts a global gasp as the world contemplates the future of the iconic brand

Sports - Egyptian Football
8/24/2011 9:33:26 PM
Ismaily chairman Yehia El-Komy backtracks on resignation and vows to put an end to the club’s mounting financial problems

World - Region
8/19/2011 2:18:32 AM
More pressure is mounted on challenged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as the US, Britain, France and Germany call for his resignation

Sports - Egyptian Football
8/5/2011 3:02:40 PM
Zamalek chairman Galal Ibrahim does a sudden U-turn, reversing his decision to resign from his post

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