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World - War in Ukraine
2/23/2023 7:30:55 PM
Luxurious superyachts owned by Russian oligarchs reportedly close to the Kremlin have proved difficult to seize under Western sanctions imposed over Moscow's war in Ukraine.

War in Ukraine - Economy
5/1/2022 2:26:05 PM
Russia suggested Sunday that it could seize the Russian-based assets of countries it deems hostile in retaliation for a US proposal to sell off Russian oligarchs' assets and pay the proceeds to Ukraine.

War in Ukraine - Military
4/28/2022 6:45:12 PM
President Joe Biden asked Congress on Thursday for an additional $33 billion to help Ukraine fend off Russia's invasion, a signal that the US is prepared to mount a robust, long-term campaign to bolster Kyiv and weaken Moscow as the bloody war enters its third month with no sign of abating.

War in Ukraine - Economy
3/7/2022 4:20:03 PM
Western seizures of super-yachts owned by Russian oligarchs have made headlines as Vladimir Putin's inner circle is targeted over the invasion of Ukraine, but experts warn identifying and blocking further cash and assets will prove difficult.

War in Ukraine - Economy
3/5/2022 12:53:51 PM
Britain is to make it easier to sanction Russian oligarchs and align those sanctions with the European Union and the US over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, the government said on Saturday.

World - International
2/22/2022 10:50:47 PM
The three Russian oligarchs targeted by fresh British sanctions over Ukraine are billionaires who got rich under Russian President Vladimir Putin, for whom they are key financial conduits as well as personal sporting partners.

World - International
4/6/2018 2:39:51 PM