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Arts & Culture - Music
6/23/2024 9:30:36 PM
Egyptian singer Angham was among the well-known artists performing on the Mawazine Festival's opening day (21 June), featuring Carole Samaha and Kylie Minogue, among others. Ahmed Saad performed Saturday, while Mohamed Ramadan is yet to give his concert.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
5/20/2024 1:01:00 PM
Soha Hesham rediscovered the way filmmaker Asmaa Al-Bakri deployed the late Salah Al-Saadani’s talent.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
4/23/2024 10:01:11 PM

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/19/2024 1:58:34 PM
One of Egypt's most renowned actors Salah El-Saadany passed away in the early hours of Friday at the age of 80. His passing comes after a decade of stepping away from limelight due to illness.

Egypt - Society
4/16/2024 4:35:00 PM
“Israeli women on Tinder ... in Cairo?” Ahmed Saad, a 29-year-old Egyptian dater, recounted his disbelief, expressing his surprise at encountering a surge of Israeli women's profiles in his dating feed, all showing locations a few kilometres away within Cairo.

Arts & Culture - Music
3/20/2024 10:47:14 AM
Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (20-26 March 2024) in Cairo.

Arts & Culture - Music
3/10/2024 11:02:49 PM
The song Ya Mawlana, presented by the duo Ahmed Saad and El-Joker, reached #1 on 'Trending for Music' on YouTube.

Arts & Culture - Music
3/5/2024 11:27:07 PM
Egyptian musicians the Ayoub Sisters and Amira Selim will perform in a concert hosted by the Arab World Institute in Paris, France, on 8 March.

Business - Tech
3/2/2024 2:47:51 PM
Saad Toma, general manager of IBM for the Middle East and Africa, spoke to Ahram Online about the opportunities and challenges in adopting artificial intelligence (AI), especially when it comes to early investment in the sector.

Business - Economy
1/28/2024 5:49:07 PM
Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban strawberry imports does not apply only to Egypt, said Saad Moussa, supervisor of Egypt’s Central Administration of Plant Quarantine (CAPQ).

Arts & Culture - Music
11/23/2023 11:18:15 AM
Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (23-28 November) in Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm El-Sheikh

Al-Ahram Weekly - Music and dance
10/10/2023 6:11:59 PM

Egypt - Society
9/29/2023 4:32:41 PM
Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a veteran Egyptian-American sociologist and democracy and human-rights advocate, died on Friday at the age of 85.

Egypt - Politics
9/28/2023 3:20:04 PM
Egypt's cabinet has appointed counsellor Sameh El-Kheshen as its spokesman, succeeding Nader Saad, a cabinet statement read on Thursday.

Arts & Culture - Screens
9/26/2023 6:56:53 PM
Egyptian actors Amr Saad and Sayed Ragab were cast with well-known American actors John Savage and Mira Sorvino in an Egyptian-Italian production titled The Goat.

Arts & Culture - Music
9/25/2023 3:53:32 PM
The Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad’s new song Alb Safi, featuring the Lebanese rising singer Maha Ftouni, trends on YouTube, reaching almost half a million views in the second week after its release.

Egypt - Society
9/16/2023 10:32:38 AM
MP Hala Abu El-Saad has submitted an urgent inquiry to the Egyptian government following complaints over prolonged power blackouts, despite lower temperatures in September.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Music and dance
9/12/2023 8:38:55 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
9/9/2023 9:12:52 PM
Ahmed Saad, Hamza Namira, Wegz, and Marwan Moussa dominate YouTube charts with their songs making it to the 'top music videos' and 'top trending music' categories.

Business - Markets & Companies
8/7/2023 8:20:26 PM
Azimut Egypt is considering launching an investment fund for Egyptian expats to attract subscriptions in foreign currency, Ahmed Abou El-Saad, CEO & Managing Director of Azimut Egypt, said in a statement on Monday.

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