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Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/31/2016 7:19:51 PM
Ahram Online highlights Egypt's artistic achievements and important cultural events of July 2016

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/27/2016 3:48:27 PM
After years of work, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute launched on Tuesday the Sanduq El-Dunia

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/12/2013 12:16:36 PM
Ahram Online meets Copenhagen Museum director Jette Sandahl, the force behind the award-winning Copenhagen WALL showing images of the city's heritage. Sanduq El-Dunia is the sister project to be displayed in Cairo

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/1/2013 2:32:03 PM
On 30 August, Sanduq El-Dunia opened in Copenhagen, representing images from Cairo on the award-winning WALL installation. Organisers hope to bring the concept to Cairo soon