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World - Region
11/19/2011 2:53:14 PM
Hamadi Jebali, Ennahda secretary general, is set to become Tunisia’s prime minister under a deal reached by the three main parties, to be approved Tuesday by the newly elected constituent assembly

World - Region
11/18/2011 10:49:40 PM
Hamadi Jbeli, secretary-general of the Islamist Ennahda party is named Tunisia Prime Minister

World - Region
11/16/2011 11:23:49 AM
Ennahda secretary-general Hamadi Jbeli causes outcry when he states "we are in the sixth caliphate," as the country's interim president, Moncef Marzouki is appointed

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
11/14/2011 1:38:33 AM
Employees of the Supreme Council of Antiquities protest again, asking for the resignation of the newly appointed secretary general

World - Region
11/13/2011 5:30:55 PM
UN Secretary General calls on the Syrian regime to stop using violence against civilians, praising the Arab League decision to suspend Syria membership

World - Region
11/13/2011 3:35:42 PM
Secretary General of the Arab League reveals that pan-Arab institution is looking for what options it has to protect civilians in Syria from security forces crackdown

World - Region
11/13/2011 3:24:18 PM
Following league decision to freeze Syria's membership, Damascus urges secretary-general to call a summit to discuss the issue

Business - Economy
11/8/2011 7:32:31 PM
As Libyan production splutters back, head of oil group sees no reason to up production

Egypt - Politics
11/8/2011 1:58:03 PM
Amr Moussa leaves Egypt to meet with UN secretary-general, attend Harvard conference

World - Region
11/3/2011 5:45:15 PM
Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen asserts that the alliance has no intention to use force against Iran, favouring a political and diplomatic approach to the nuclear question

Business - Economy
10/26/2011 4:21:43 PM
Ennahda party's secretary-general says tourism is too strategic a sector to be restricted

Sports - Omni Sports
10/25/2011 6:12:08 PM
Disgraced 1,500-meter runner Rashid Ramzi will compete at next year’s London Games “if he gets good results” and his eligibility is approved by the IOC, the secretary general of Bahrain’s Olympic committee said Tuesday

Sports - Egyptian Football
10/17/2011 7:06:59 PM
The secretary general of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Hicham El-Amrani wants African countries to follow Egypt’s model in professionalising the sport

World - Region
10/15/2011 3:21:16 PM
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized Israel over reports that it plans to build 2,600 more housing units in East Jerusalem, saying further settlement activity was "unacceptable"

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
10/5/2011 11:24:31 AM
SCA secretary general placates fresh graduates who had been protesting outside archaeological sites demanding jobs

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
10/2/2011 3:24:44 PM
Temporary employees picket the museum's main entrance in a drive to ensure the antiquities council's promise of permanent contracts is finally met

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
10/2/2011 11:58:07 AM
The newly appointed secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities says he will meet protestors’ demands, promises reform

World - International
9/29/2011 6:12:00 PM
A UN spokesman says UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged North Korea to accept wider cooperation with UN agencies in order to fight the country's food crisis

World - Region
9/29/2011 4:11:04 PM
PLO secretary general Yasser Abed Rabbo says the Quartet's peace proposal includes "encouraging elements"

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/26/2011 2:13:29 PM
After the delivery of Abdel Fatah's resignation as secretary general of Egypt's antiquities council, he meets with the prime minister, who takes steps to resolve budget problems amidst archaeologists' protests

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