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Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
12/20/2021 11:09:00 AM

World - Region
12/2/2021 7:05:30 PM
A court in southern Libya on Thursday reinstated Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of slain dictator Moamer Gaddafi, as a candidate in next month's presidential election, Libyan media reported.

World - Region
11/24/2021 8:57:52 PM
Libya's electoral commission on Wednesday announced its rejection of the candidacy of Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of slain dictator Moamer Gaddafi, to run in next month's presidential election.

World - International
3/21/2018 10:11:37 AM

World - Region
8/15/2017 7:23:04 PM

World - International
6/14/2017 7:29:30 PM

Books - Reviews
1/12/2017 10:06:40 PM
The writers, who consider themselves pupils of late rights lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam, compile cases documenting the prominent lawyer's defence of human rights in Egypt and the price his family had to pay

Egypt - Politics
8/17/2014 2:24:30 PM
Father of Alaa and Sanaa Abdel-Fattah has been unconscious since he had a heart attack on Friday

World - Region
3/24/2014 7:24:18 PM

World - Region
3/11/2014 5:31:42 PM

World - Region
2/18/2014 6:52:14 PM

World - Region
11/6/2013 1:10:06 PM
The son of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared nervous and uncomfortable in front of the camera

World - Region
10/11/2013 1:50:38 PM
The ICC stressed that the Senussi decision had no bearing on the case against Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam, who is still wanted in The Hague

World - Region
7/18/2013 9:57:38 PM
The International Criminal Court rejects a Libyan request to suspend the handover of Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam

World - Region
6/18/2013 11:42:58 AM
Seif al-Islam Gadhafi and Gadhafi's henchmen to be tried in August for crimes committed during deposed dictator's tenure

World - Region
2/7/2013 6:24:17 PM
The International Criminal Court orders Libya to immediately surrender Senussi to the court; the ICC says it has the option of calling on the UN Security Council to take action

World - Region
1/17/2013 7:05:57 PM
A judicial official says son of ex-Libyan Muammar Gaddafi, Seif Al-Islam, appear in court, being accused of committing crimes against humanity during the country's popular uprising in 2011

World - Region
9/10/2012 3:16:04 PM
Government dismisses claims that Seif al-Islam, charged with crimes against humanity, will go on trial this month

World - Region
8/23/2012 1:48:56 PM
Seif al-Islam Gaddafi to be tried at home despite International Criminal Court warrant

World - Region
7/31/2012 10:26:18 PM
Seif al-Islam's lawyer call on the Libyan government to let the International Criminal Court to prosecute the son of the former dictator

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