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World - International
4/10/2023 7:02:21 PM
Two roadside bombs hours apart targeted police vehicles in volatile southwestern Pakistan on Monday killing at least four people and wounding 22, mostly civilian pedestrians, a government spokesperson said.

COP27 - Climate change
9/27/2022 10:45:16 AM
Pakistan's new prime minister stepped onto the U.N. podium and faced world leaders, ready to spin a tale of floods and climate change and more than 33 million people at risk. Shahbaz Sharif began: ``As I stand here today to tell the story of my country ...''

World - International
4/11/2022 7:48:35 PM
Pakistan's parliament on Monday elected opposition lawmaker Shahbaz Sharif as the new prime minister, following a week of political turmoil that led to the weekend ouster of Premier Imran Khan.

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8/17/2018 11:15:55 AM

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7/6/2018 3:31:36 PM

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7/30/2017 9:33:39 AM

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11/7/2015 12:19:15 PM