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Arts & Culture - Entertainment
2/16/2021 10:44:54 AM
The three-hour-long play, starring Adel Imam, will be released on 26 February

Arts & Culture - Film
10/7/2020 5:15:43 PM
The third feature film by Egyptian director Mohamad Gamal Al-Adl, Saheb Al-Maqam (The Enshrined Saint), is screened exclusively on Shahid VIP

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
8/25/2020 7:29:50 PM
Ahram Weekly reports on the most recent release on the Shahid VIP platform

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
8/14/2020 2:24:45 PM
It is the second Egyptian film to avoid cinema distribution and go directly to the internet streaming service

Arts & Culture - Film
7/26/2020 3:52:16 PM
The film, one of the first Arabic movies to premier on a video-on-demand platform, is directed by Mohamed Gamal Al-Adl and stars Yousra and Asser Yassin