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Egypt - Politics
6/14/2011 3:43:27 PM
Free Egyptians and the Social Democratic Party take the final step towards officially entering Egypt's political scene

Egypt - Politics
5/15/2011 3:25:46 PM
Four liberal political parties participated in what was intended to be the country’s first post revolution political debate, but finding much similarity amongst each other, the debate turned into a call for unity

Egypt - Politics
4/12/2011 1:26:07 PM
Amr Hamzawy claims that the Social Democratic Party's statement regarding Saturday's violence in Tahrir was not written collectively and resigns in protest

Egypt - Politics
4/9/2011 5:38:06 PM
A press conference held by several of the forces involved in the Egyptian revolution in response to Tahrir violence ended in disarray, as the groups split over their position towards the military

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