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World - International
11/7/2012 10:30:32 AM
Social networks specially twitter and Facebook played a major role in Barack Obama's victory

World - International
11/7/2012 5:38:38 AM
Twitter says that the US election day signifies the most tweeted event on the internationally-spread social network in the US political history

World - International
11/4/2012 12:02:01 PM
Two days before the US presidential election, social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are being used extensively to persuade the American citizens of the importance of voting and even beat the record 2008 turnout

Business - Economy
10/4/2012 2:38:00 PM
Social network announces new milestone even as it sees its slowing revenue growth

World - Region
10/2/2012 10:23:00 PM
A video spread in social networks shows An American freelance journalist who has been missing in Syria since mid-August blindfolded and saying "Oh, Jesus" in a frightened voice in the custody of armed men

Business - Economy
8/24/2012 12:42:05 PM
Facebook unveiled a new mobile app Thursday for its users on Apple iPhone and iPad, saying it would speed up the performance of people accessing the world's biggest social network

World - International
8/23/2012 8:11:09 PM

Business - Economy
7/29/2012 12:26:50 PM
No discussions yet between Apple and Twitter as news indicate mobile giant wants to take stake in the prominent social network

Business - Economy
7/18/2012 6:01:32 PM
New data shows Egypt is home to 11.3 million users of the social network website, with 1.6 million new accounts created in the last six months

World - Region
7/6/2012 2:12:52 PM
Libya's first-ever free elections are accompanied by host of novel campaigning tools, including Facebook, Twitter and billboard advertising

London 2012 - News
7/2/2012 9:30:16 PM
Social network Twitter reported record use during the final match of the European Championship in Ukraine

Business - Economy
6/5/2012 9:59:02 AM
Restrictions were imposed after Egyptians took losses from a sharp drop in Facebook shares when the social network was publicly offered, say traders

Business - Economy
5/19/2012 11:54:14 AM
Shares in the social network gain just 0.6 per cent on first day of trade

Business - Economy
5/18/2012 9:20:21 AM
Investors are bracing for Facebook's Wall Street debut on Friday after the world's No.1 online social network raised about $16 billion in one of the biggest initial public offerings in U.S. history

Life & Style - Health
5/3/2012 12:52:14 PM
Thousands of Facebook users have signed up to be organ donors this week, thanks to a new feature on the social networking site that makes it easier to register

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/2/2012 1:48:52 PM
Social networks Google+ and Pinterest and the music service Spotify each grabbed their first Webby Awards on Tuesday in the 16th edition of the competition for the top Internet sites

Business - Economy
4/6/2012 12:59:45 PM
Famous social network is aiming to raise $5 billion or more in an initial public offering expected in May

Business - Economy
4/4/2012 1:18:01 PM
Social networking giant accuses the internet pioneer of infringing on its patents

Business - Economy
3/7/2012 2:41:02 PM
Social networking site says technical difficulties caused site to be unavailable for users in some parts of Europe on Wednesday

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/4/2012 3:55:12 PM
Iraqi-Canadian artist/photojournalist Tamara Abdul Hadi is leveraging the power of social networking sites to combat mainstream stereotypes of Arab men

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