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Egypt - Politics
4/10/2011 12:20:18 PM
Military council member Major General Adel Amera accuses counter-revolutionary elements of provoking the violent clashes on Friday night between protesters and soldiers which resulted in one death and 42 arrests

World - Region
4/9/2011 5:26:40 PM
A suicide bomber attacked an Afghan army convoy in Kabul wounding three soldiers, two of them seriously

World - Region
4/5/2011 12:54:15 PM
Al-Qaeda suspected of executing two Yemeni soldiers in South Yemen in retaliation for military killing six suspected al-Qaeda members in March

World - International
4/4/2011 3:03:32 PM
Pro-Ouattara soldiers gather to launch final assault on Gbagbo, France sends soldiers to protect citizens

World - Region
4/3/2011 3:02:38 PM
Soldiers serving in Iraq were killed by 'indirect fire' at the weekend

World - Region
3/27/2011 2:33:33 PM
Government blames clashes on 'sectarian strife' while President Assad offers to consider reforms as protests continue

World - International
3/22/2011 2:27:38 PM
First phase of transition of power to Afghan security forces to begin July with seven areas to guage ability of Afghan soldiers

World - Region
3/16/2011 2:45:45 PM
Israel soldiers laid out a weapons stockpile allegedly found in a seized ship which Israel claims was transporting arms smuggled from Iran to Gaza

World - Region
3/15/2011 3:08:06 PM
A Saudi soldier has been shot dead after crowd of Bahraini protesters opened fire at the Saudi troops, according to a security official

World - Region
3/14/2011 4:54:37 PM
A 1000-strong crowd march to the Unknown Soldier square calling for an end to long-standing divisions between Hamas-led Gaza and Fatah's PA-led West Bank

World - Region
3/7/2011 2:02:35 PM
At least 56 combatants were killed in clashes between militia fighters and soldiers in south Sudan's Upper Nile state just four months before the region is due to become independent

World - Region
3/6/2011 1:14:36 PM
Al-Qaeda in Yemen launched an attack on the Yemeni Republican Guard forces killing four soldiers

World - Region
3/4/2011 1:00:32 PM
Soldiers open fire on protesters a day after opposition offers Saleh smooth exit

World - Region
3/2/2011 1:02:01 PM

World - Region
2/22/2011 6:16:54 PM
Libyan soldiers in Tobruk say eastern region in Libya out of Qaddafi's control

World - Region
2/20/2011 5:04:50 PM
Clashes pitting Somali soldiers backed by African Union forces against Al Qaeda-linked insurgents raged for a second day in Mogadishu Sunday, bringing the civilian toll to 15 for the weekend

World - International
2/10/2011 11:54:52 AM
Suicide attack by Taliban northwestern Pakistan kills 31 soldiers soldiers

World - Region
2/7/2011 4:19:51 PM
Two roadside bomb attacks on Monday in a Sunni Arab town south of the Iraqi capital killed five people, including three soldiers

Multimedia -
2/1/2011 12:00:00 AM
Friday of Anger showing the fight between Egyptians and soldiers fighting to cross Qasr El-Nil and reach Tahrir Square

World - Region
1/22/2011 5:34:45 PM
In a recently published expose, Israelis talk of the killings and abuse of Palestinian civilians sanctioned by the military establishment

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