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5/13/2015 5:16:55 PM

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10/30/2014 6:25:18 PM
Sweden officially recognised the state of Palestine, becoming the first western EU member to do so

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10/5/2014 1:33:13 PM

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1/17/2013 1:11:30 PM
Saudi finance minister tell Palestinian president Abbas the kingdom will transfer $100 million to the budget of the state of Palestine

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1/6/2013 5:49:34 PM
The Palestinian president has ordered his government to officially change the name of the Palestinian Authority to 'State of Palestine'

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1/5/2013 3:57:07 PM
Signs of reconciliation between Hamas, Fatah appear as president Abbas makes bold move to change Palestinian Authority to the 'State of Palestine'

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9/23/2011 7:14:17 PM
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Friday called on the United Nations to admit a state of Palestine as a full member based on the borders in 1967

Opinion -
9/17/2011 12:03:51 PM
Calling on the UN to recognise Palestine is a win-win for the Palestinians. If the US abstains, it is a step backward for Israel. If it vetoes, it loses its credibility as an honest broker

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6/6/2011 5:31:25 PM
Palestinian officials reveal that President Mahmoud Abbas has received assurances from 140 nations that they will vote in favour of recognising the state of Palestine at September's UN General Assembly meeting

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12/3/2010 8:16:08 PM
Brazil says it has recognised the state of Palestine based on borders at the time of Israel's 1967 conquest of the West Bank