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Arts & Culture - Film
9/29/2018 9:22:06 AM
The second edition of Gouna Film Festival celebrated Ingmar Bergman with a photo exhibition and two screenings, Wild Strawberries and Persona

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7/5/2018 3:49:26 PM

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4/3/2018 3:44:33 PM

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2/4/2018 3:29:38 PM

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7/19/2017 6:43:13 PM

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7/9/2017 7:00:02 PM

Opinion -
3/7/2013 4:34:32 PM
Egypt exports strawberries and grapes, but imports wheat and beans. There can never be social justice until the country produces enough wheat and without a revolution in Egypt’s agricultural policies to serve small-scale farmers

Business - Economy
2/28/2013 6:17:48 PM
US will support Egyptian trade by importing strawberries

Life & Style - Health
12/27/2010 5:21:43 PM
Teams of scientists have cracked the genetic codes of the wild strawberry and a certain type of cacao used to make fine chocolate, work that should help breeders develop better varieties of more mainstream crops