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Business - Economy
9/16/2012 2:45:04 PM
Government official says North African country is preparing a feasibility study for high-rises in several major cities
Life & Style - Health
9/16/2012 1:04:58 PM
Study shows smokers may sleep less and have more disturbed slumber than non-smokers
Life & Style - Style
9/14/2012 12:43:58 PM
Oslo, Zurich and Tokyo are the world's most expensive cities, but it is in the Swiss financial capital that residents enjoy the strongest purchasing power, according to a study published Friday
Business - Economy
9/11/2012 5:12:41 PM
World needs the flow of 20 more major rivers by 2025 to feed its soaring population, says new report
Life & Style - Health
9/9/2012 3:41:10 PM
Fully half of the 400 women given overnight sleep tests in a new Swedish study turned out to have mild-to-severe sleep apnea
Life & Style - Health
9/2/2012 12:13:37 PM
A recent US study finds softer music and lighting in restaurants can help diners consume fewer calories, while leaving customers 'more satisfied and happier'
Life & Style - Health
9/1/2012 5:34:06 PM
Iranian study compares smoking water pipe (shisa in Egyptian parlance) to different measures of smoking a cigarette, with some interesting findings
Life & Style - Health
8/30/2012 3:46:30 PM
Men who regularly indulge their taste for chocolate may have a somewhat decreased risk of suffering a stroke, according to a study
Life & Style - Health
8/28/2012 5:02:15 PM
How frequently older women use aspirin and other pain relievers has nothing to do with their chance of developing breast cancer, a large new study suggests.
Business -
8/23/2012 2:04:12 PM
Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party open minded on IMF loan, will study details before announcing its position, says spokesperson
Business - Economy
8/22/2012 7:11:43 PM
IMF chief Christine Lagarde wraps up one-day trip to Cairo on Wednesday, says IMF delegation will visit Egypt next month to study government's economic programme
Business - Economy
8/21/2012 1:11:25 PM
While China's innovation potential is 'impressive', its actual innovation is 'overhyped', an EU study indicates
Life & Style - Health
8/16/2012 2:55:07 PM
Parents who search the Internet for advice on how to put their infants to sleep may often find misinformation, a new study suggests
Life & Style - Health
8/14/2012 1:37:18 PM
A new study bolsters the case that an aspirin a day may keep the cancer at bay, although the effect seems weaker than previously thought
Life & Style - Health
8/14/2012 12:32:40 PM
In a small new study, pregnant women who fasted during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan were no more likely to give birth prematurely than women who didn't observe the fast
World - International
8/14/2012 12:26:02 PM
Scientists say the nuclear fallout from Japan's destroyed Fukushima plant caused mutations in butterflies, adding that more studies are needed to determine effects on humans
Life & Style - Health
8/10/2012 12:00:38 AM
Giving people a choice of vegetables at mealtimes got them eating more greens, but not fewer calories, says a new small study
Life & Style - Health
7/21/2012 1:35:00 PM
Study shows kids were less likely to develop asthma or allergies if their mother ate nuts while pregnant, compared to those that shunned nuts following what now looks like an old wive's tale that health agencies supported
World - Region
7/13/2012 1:53:19 PM
World - International
7/11/2012 12:58:19 PM
A list of the top 20 most impactful TV moments of the past 50 years, according to a recent study
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